10 Customer Service Quality Statement against

You can quickly and easily say that your business is doing well to satisfy your customers. Listening, such as: –

"Increases your traffic by 14% annually"

"Our customer complaints are currently less than 4% or transactions

… sounds to your ear but this is only time , you must be very careful

Regular measurement of where you are, as your body, does not depend on simply fake numbers, can only make the difference to how well you do it now and in the future.

Try out these quality statements and create a mechanism to review them every month – yes, it's okay on a monthly basis – it must be thorough and objective – and maybe even the scores that a person crosses the business in all areas – you get the objectivity and a true picture of how you evaluate it. It's a great activity to score each of 10, and each time you review it, ask yourself the question: –

"What to do?"

Let's put it right, then, after this three-point question, develop a monthly action plan to step by step gradually improve. (Note: – If you are too close to 10 points to get three points – update the statement!).

Then, and only then, your progress will be sustainable, and over time you can raise your questions to a higher level. Then it's really the best in class!

Quality Statements: –

1. We use a number of staff to regularly and consistently monitor customer service

2. We know and clearly identify our client groups

3. We listen to our customers about our product and proactively try to address the problems

4. We have noticed and congratulated people and teams when they perform well

5. The top management fully and visibly engages the clients' activities

6. People Like the Challenges of Change

7. Our organization and our people aligned the values ​​

8. Our Clients Work Easy and Pleasantly With Us

9. We know that our people feel they are working here and always responds to make it better.

10th There are teams and individuals who can respond swiftly to the circumstances of change, whatever it may be

Keep these numbers – they really represent people in a very public place somewhere. Attend a lot of people to monitor, find solutions and take responsibility for change where you need it, and your business, people and you will be successful.

One last point.

A good starting point for showing success within 12 months is another thing – as this review is still being done.

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