10 steps to world-class customer service

Since the business world is currently being chased by too many vendors, too few have spirals of consumer death, the renaissance business media was about Customer Service. This proves that every cloud has a really silver lining. However, often ignored (and currently ignored) is that great customer service like charity starts at home.

Customer-centric strategy is a critical element of your man, delivery where "the rubber meets the road" as it was. To make our customers happy, we must first ensure that people are happy, demotivated workers are lazy brand ambassadors, highly motivated and enthusiastic employees will become a sustainable strategic edge (not an average game where the gap drops per hour). Consequently, leaders should strive to ensure that the teams are fed, enlivened and enthusiastic.

So, provided that we have good systems and processes to liberate our people, what about customers? Who are they, where are they? what do they like? what? There is both internal and external (we have already written about the internal supply chain, we often pay close attention and a serious component has to be taken into account in any customer service strategy).

He wrote a lot about the "underlying promise" and though he deserves it, it can be dangerous because it can lead companies to assume they know what the client wants and assumes that the customer will be delighted to exceed this expectation – this is not always the case. By default, keep your promises, do what you said, when you said you would do it and do it with the customer – that will be enough.

So how can you provide world-class customer service? Follow the next 10 steps and will not be far;

first Take the client seriously. It's always right, especially if it's bad. You are right to feel and you are right to leave your place and tell the world and your wife that you and your company suck, so – take care of your client very seriously

. Communication, communication, communication. If things are wrong then he says that. Do not lie (it's offensive and sends a message you do not want to send). Insulting clients' intelligence. Customers understand that people have made mistakes, do not expect you to be perfect, expect them to care for them.

3rd When things go wrong, do not despair, complaints are gifts. Customers are using the flawless service so they are now standard. When things go wrong, your answers may be the only chance you can show how special you are. I'll tell you again, The complaint is a gift – we treat it like that

4. Make it available if you can not negotiate with someone at least immediately. People do not mind waiting, which is disappointing to them, ignored.

5th Respect – must be in a particular, often (depressed, large number of cases) not.

6th Listen, do not talk. Do not assume that you know what the customer wants and does not answer them from your own perspective. The solution that will work in the long term is the solution that the customer wants is not what you are doing

. Know your stuff. It is unacceptable to be ignorant of the client. Any staff who faces customers (and telephonists) should know their products and services, and where and how to make a call, and when (and that is a lot better) for themselves.

8. Quality and Value – Both are very important, both highly subjective and both are defined in the mind of the client. The time and trouble to know the customer and listen to him is really paying here. The world is full of companies that provide "value-added solutions," many of them do not provide an additional cost solution because their interventions cost money for them, and if they do not take the time to listen to the client, they are almost never considered quality or valuable because they do not deal with the customer's particular problem.

ninth Treat it as we handle it. Honor, respect and appreciation are the minimum. Many customer service staff complain that customers are not respected. Keep in mind that respect, like love, must be given before they can receive it. No customer will honor us until we respect them.

10th My word is my bond. Give the staff the power and authority to handle the client's problem. Ownership belongs to the person making the call, and the correction must be enabled. If the employee always says, "I have to ask boss," customers will be disappointed and only want to deal with the boss. Bring and have confidence in your staff and products and services that you can trust in both and stay behind and return them. It will be the basis for world-class customer service and world-class customers.

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