4 Customer Service

Four words came to my mind about customer service in the past. I call them four customer service Cs . Let's take a look at each one.

Commitment – In order to reach a great customer service, we must accept the leading role of the organization. Commitment must be visible through action. Placards and signs are easy to place on the wall, but this is not the activity I'm talking about. Leaders must demonstrate their commitment by pointing the prize to determine what great customer service should appear within the organization. Leaders need to develop and maintain the core values ​​of the organization. Leaders must make a commitment to find a way to determine what's important for the organization's customers. Managers must obtain the customer's product or service from the customer's point of view. The level of leadership commitment should be easy to see for employees. Leaders should communicate regularly their commitment to the organization as a whole. Commitment to action is needed! Commitment is long-term because the long-term existence of the organization is at stake.

Completeness – Following the commitment to great customer service, the second C represents fullness. Once the commitment is made, it is most important for the success of the organization to have everyone within the organization on the same page. Completeness means that everyone within each class understands the role of providing a great service. Full and thorough assessment of your organization's operations is key to finding opportunities. Each customer contact point must be evaluated for efficiency. Completeness means that customer-related things are identified and used in developing the concept of the product or service of the organization. Completeness means identifying internal customers to determine how they meet their needs. Every organization in the organization needs to be aware of how their everyday activities affect both internal and external customers. Fully commit themselves to providing great customer service!

Consistency – Once the leadership practice is committed and the entire organization is completely on the same page as providing the great customer service, Consistency's third C will enter the picture. This C is key to the organization's long-term success. The ability to consistently enjoy a great experience is what builds brand loyalty. Loyal customers are income generators as both are both comfortable and excited to share their positive experiences with others. Consistency means that customers get the same level of service they have at each meeting with your organization. Consistency means that no matter where your organization visits the customer, a positive experience awaits you. When calling the organization, no matter who employee takes the call, your organization will insist on consistently great experience. The company's online relationship provides customers with simple and effective experience. When problems arise, the organization will strive to resolve them in time. If an organization consistently provides a great customer service experience, it will take a long time after the oral hygiene effect is taken. New customers will be present as the organization can be consistent.

Communication – The glue that keeps all this together is the fourth C communication. Now, this specific C requires that the commitment to high customer service is constantly communicating. This means that staff members are constantly monitoring the organization's performance to meet customer needs. This C means that employees get the tools to communicate with the customer's perception of the client. Leaders need to tell that employee development ideas contribute to the organization's success. This means that customers are able to communicate with the organization about their personal experience with the product or services. This fourth C requires managers of the organization to communicate with customers' needs and preferences with other members of the organization to ensure that all products and services are tailored to the end user.

In this era of multi-channel customer service, it's important to ensure that your client understands how important it is for the organization. Make sure that we are able to see, hear and feel what your organization is doing by setting up the Commitment, followed by the goal, the consistency of each customer interaction and the use of glue.

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