5 cooking methods common to African cuisine

What food preparation methods are used in Africa? Here is a presentation of some cooking methods for African cuisine:

1. Roasting

Roasting is roasted on open fire without water. The fire can be an open wood fireplace or fireplace or a coal burner. Foods often roasted in Africa include meat, fish, tubers, such as sweet potatoes, root roots, Irish potatoes and cassava, as well as certain types of bananas. Scalding

Boiling the food with water without oil. We often use a potter. Cooking makers are becoming more and more popular with metal or other materials.

Cooked foods include vegetables, legumes such as peas and beans, tubers like potatoes and cassava, and cereals such as rice. In North Uganda, the odi – peanut paste is added to the cooked sauce

. Steam

Steaming in South Uganda is an important way of preparing food. Boiled banana – matoke – evaporates inside the banana leaf, over a pot over hot water. Fish, meat and vegetables are packed in bananas and steamed.

Steaming is a recommended cooking method, because it says it is better to preserve the nourishing value of foods. The immigrant population brought their own ways to prepare food, such as eating, in Africa. Baking food was traditionally rare for African cuisine, but almost everyone accepted it. Baking involves cooking, as well as onions and tomatoes.

Now you can cook all kinds of food in general: meat, fish, legumes, vegetables and cakes. Baking

While baking slowly leads to African cuisine, it is still a very new method of cooking, not too widely, except bakeries. Baking is obviously not as widespread as in Western societies, where they do not only bake bread and cakes, but also cakes, cakes, melted cheeses and other meals.

African food production methods showcase the changing face of African cuisine, with accepted cooking methods such as baking, which now plays an important role in African cooking.

Traditional methods of cooking such as boiling and steaming were fat-free and therefore much healthier

is vital, as many of the foods on the continent are mostly made in this way. For example, dry foods should almost always be cooked first.

New cooking methods, however, open a wide range of taste and cooking experiences

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