5 The key strengths of the customer service representative

How can service professionals serve real, confident and consistent customer service from time to time, after a call, by email by e-mail?

Our experience with very different types of companies and organizations suggests that consistent customer service excellence is derived from a personal and professional core from which each service provider operates. What does this seed shape? Five key things, all of which are attitudinal or mental habits:

  1. SELF TALK. What a professional service provider tells her – or "self-reliance" over and over again. All other bases for identifying negative alternatives and replacing them with positive alternatives. Some studies suggest that we speak about 20,000 to 24,000 words every day. And 90% of these words are the same as we said yesterday – and the previous day and the previous day. These are the paths to which we can go. We've learned that management is possible!
  2. thinking. In dull or unfavorable conditions, and in normal interactions, he performs on-site behavior in the eyes of a person. Thinking is a reflex. A positive, "can" mindset makes the difference.
  3. empathy. Is the specialist aware of the phone's concerns in person or in writing? It's no secret how to "sincerely care". There are certain behavioral habits that prove to others that a person truly cares about it.
  4. balance. He is prepared to remain balanced when he or she is the target of the document or client under control. A person behaving under stressful conditions is a window into the center of professional competence.
  5. self-image. The picture he holds as a person and a professional; as well as the pictures of their clients and organizations. I always remember that my eighth grade biologist said, "It does not have to be a bit."

You can not fake real, balanced professionalism, after a call, by email at each customer's "point of observation". Such consistency requires a solid core. In most cases, you can learn – in most cases; not all.

Steven Colbert has a "day off". Have you ever seen those "off-days" in your professional performance? From time to time their consistency showed them their role in the professors. They understood how to cultivate and maintain a positive personal and professional core.

This understanding has become the foundation for our customer service program " Service Excellence . Successful customer service begins with an important central attitude, which will be reflected on the daily workplace behaviors.

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