5 ways to create a customer's contact name – retail customer service Tip # 2

Your first customer service advantage is the personal relationship you build with your customers. And there is no better way to reinforce this relationship than to …


Here are some ideas that work with the name of a client to work particularly well

  1. Be respectful Use your customer's last name; Mr Smith, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Jones, maybe your best bet, until you have a close relationship, or only if your first first name is present.
  2. Show Me First first. It's uncomfortable for someone to know who you are and you do not know who you are. Give your clients the name as a great way to get in touch.
  3. Say it right. Not too hard if the name is Smith or Jones, but what if you get "Woltjer" or "Olechnowicz" (real names from the local phonebook)? If you're not sure, please do not find it. Most people picked out their names are correct and correct. Mine is barely there! By the way, this is pronounced NA-gen-rhymes by Ronald Regan.
  4. Be honest . If you discard a customer's name just as part of a can or just watch their customer's credit card and never make a smiley eye contact, it's likely to erode it and not build on it.
  5. Be sensitive. Always take care of how to handle your customer. If they are casual, deceptive, and friendly, they are likely to be more formal, stiff or rushing by using their name, they feel free to name them.

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