A restaurant security plan for the protection of cash, warehouses and employees

No matter what business you're starting, security will be important. However, since restaurants have a lot of cash in their rooms and in unusual hours, they can be attractive targets for criminals.

Every restaurant in security develops differently. The restaurant's security needs depend on a number of factors: location, opening hours, size and insurance obligations.

Design a restaurant security plan long before moving or transforming a building that includes your business. Security is often more complicated than restaurant owners for the first time, so it helps when planning for security from security. It also helps the electrician to set wiring during building development.

Let's look at some of the ideas and systems that can be considered to improve food safety.

Building Security

It does not matter which area to look for as burglaries can occur anywhere. Make sure the building is safe for hours when there are no staff or customers on the spot. Every door and window must be able to be secured and locked in such a way that it makes it extremely difficult to open the door.

The alarm system is vital, though it will only be effective if someone wants to react. Find an alert alert feature that allows people to be on site when the system is activated.

Make sure the outer part of the building is exposed to anyone who is suspicious of activity at all angles. Determine landscaping by planting smaller shrubs instead of larger shrubs or trees. Install a motion-sensitive light that will come when people approach the building late at night.

During business hours, you may have rear entrance doors that are often not used by employees. Make sure they are safe and that there is a kind of buzzing system that anyone who wants to come in is questionable before you can get it.


needs to check to get a drop of safe installed in the restaurant. It can be placed in another room, under the counter or even on the floor. Staff should be informed of how often the cash register should be emptied and the money deposited in the safe. Money can be safely stored until it is put into the bank.

The best way for a bank to use a secure courier service. These security companies provide staff who are armed and trained in the fight against criminals. This type of service may be expensive but worth it.

If you decide to travel to the bank, you must be aware of the security. Change your habits and make smaller amounts of money more often, not occasionally larger amounts.

Employee Security

A responsible restaurant owner is also interested in staff security for its members. Take steps to always protect them and work with them to improve the overall safety of your restaurant.

Make sure late-shift staff can safely leave the restaurant. Have another employee go to your car to be alone in the parking lot or in the streets.

Staff should know the procedures you are going to follow if you find violent crime or armed robbery.

Employee Theft

One of the biggest security risk to the restaurant owner is the employee. They usually have access to most real estate owners, and restaurant owners have great confidence in it. Full background checks can help characterize your characters during employment, but you can never be sure.

Many restaurants struggle to increase food costs as staff eat food in the premises and steal food. Make sure you are generous and let the staff take a meal once or twice a week. However, if your employees bring a large amount of food back home, they will seriously endanger business.

From the very beginning, make it clear to your staff what they consider to be food stolen and what steps they take against those who have captured it. Let us come up with an honesty policy that clearly defines what is not allowed and the consequences of such acts.

One of the best ways to steal your employees is to install video cameras in the restaurant. Video surveillance systems have appeared a lot lately. Use different real and fake cameras throughout the restaurant to give your staff the impression that they are constantly watching them. The two points to focus on are cash placement and warehouse locations where most inventories are kept.

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