Alternative to refrigerated truck

Refrigerator is often the reason why businesses are surviving or failing to pay for the costs they incur. Today's economic challenges have brought many unique solutions to many businesses. Ideal for virtually any industry that uses a cooling system, portable refrigerated containers are used by supermarkets, caterers, pharmaceuticals, fast food chains and many other small and large corporations and private individuals.

Save to space

Unlike large, loud and smoky Diesel refrigeration units, this innovative refrigerator is an alternative to many units and sizes available for commercial size trucks. The 8-16 foot units are perfect for small businesses without much space for a large 48-foot lorry. These units fit virtually anywhere and are perfect for gravel, sidewalks and even grasses. They are much easier to fit into a confined space than a large-sized refrigerator, and there is no risk of being positioned on a slope. While large trucks should not be parked on slopes due to the risk of injury, the portable cooler can easily rest on virtually any surface.


Compared to large industrial trucks, these units are extremely cost effective in today's sliding economy. Many smaller companies find that there is no need to have an industrial-sized 48-foot refrigerator in the room. If you do not use this space, you're still paying. With the rising cost of diesel, why not choose a portable cooler bin that does not require diesel fuel? Simply unplug the unit from your business or home and plug it into a 110-volt power supply. With this alternative, the refrigerator saves a lot of money between diesel fuel transport and operating costs.

Remove the smell

Days of truck trailers have passed that create stubborn fuel. Chilled trucks require diesel fuel for the refrigerator to function properly. Most of these convenient refrigerator alternatives work on a 110 volts system that requires at least 15 amperes of electricity. In addition, some portable chassis trailers are available in generator backup and thermostat-controlled environments

Enjoy Comfort

Portable refrigerated trailers are easy to place for comfortable ground floor entrances. Forget dangerous and costly ramps. These chilled trailer units can conveniently be placed on any level that is suitable for your business or personal needs. Over the last decade, it has been proven that intelligent companies are starting off the chauffeur for the van.

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