Apple's 5 Steps to Customer Service: A Perfect Customer Service Model

Something's wrong with iPhone 4. Randomly shut it down and restart it several times a day. Three or three days later I met Apple Store Genius Bar. We were really looking forward to entering the Apple store for this small problem because I want to test that Apple's employees have actually implemented the recently leaked model from the super-secret Apple tutorial manual.

APPLE is the following:

A personalized, greeting client

P understands the needs of all clients courteously

P is a solution for customers to be home today

E 19659004] So Apple's employees here APPLE 5 service steps during my visit …

Approach personalized, warmly welcomed.

So before I walked into the Apple store, I greeted a warm and enthusiastic Apple employee in khakis and a bright blue shirt. The working, confident, cheerful young woman, glanced up at my meeting on the iPad, discreetly took the picture with her iPad, then told me that an Apple Genius would come when my meeting place was finished. Obviously, this photo was to help the Genius find it in the crazy busy shop without shouting from my name.

Apple Retailers are approaching all customers within 10 seconds within 10 minutes and are waiting for the store's entrance with a personalized warm welcome. Since it was so hot and hot, it completely removed the risk of being overwhelmed, disappointed or embarrassed when I arrived at my meeting. In addition, I was pleased and generally good at my visit to Apple Store. I played the 27 "iMac with all the employees of my back, a genius went up and said," Hi Myra! " What a refreshing thing to be greeted by a warm" Hi Myra! "And my name did not shout, its own tools are brilliant for taking pictures and identifying clients." Genius started by simply asking, "What's going on with your iPhone?" While I explained the problem, he listened to him, faced and held eye contact while smiling, then asked for permission to see my phone and hold the phone where I saw him diagnosing it carefully explaining to me all the steps he took and what I did it immediately before it happened every time I noticed that it had spent a lot of time and asked me questions and not just was bad or suggested that I caused the problem.

The test makes the customer part of the conversation and provides customers with a sense of control and ease with Apple's employees. under the test [19659004] Solution for customers to host today.

Apple unfortunately offers a solution for customers to take home that day. In my case, I bought a replacement for iPhone 4 free of charge. Another visit to the Apple store when my son iPod Touch was no longer working due to water damage, the solution was to purchase the refurbished iPod Touch for $ 79. The iPod Touch was not a guarantee, so you can not just replace it. I had to buy the refurbished model or not, but the worker certainly offered me the solution I can go home that day.

Listening to and Settling Any Questions or Concerns

Apple employees are prepared to acknowledge clients' concerns, resolve their concerns and help them understand the benefits of solving it. When I made a decision to buy a refurbished iPod Touch for my son, I was worried. Is the refurbished model good as a new model? Was there any guarantee? Would I be better off to get a new iPod Touch? During this visit, Genius has done a great job of raising concerns and honestly and warmly handling each concern.

Ends with a Farewell Foundation and a Return Invitation

My Genius put my replacement iPhone in front of me, turned it on to show me that it was functional and then wiped its fingerprints before handing it over me. When we got ready, he stood up and went to the front of the store and said he was happy to see it again. It was certainly charming. As you can see, every Apple employee I met has brilliantly used the APPLE service model . Apple stores are so profitable and enjoyable as employees are approaching customers with a warm welcome, asking questions, focusing on the solutions that customers can take home that day, worrying about their concerns and customers a good time. Study About Apple's 5 Steps and find out how to adopt, apply, and apply your business steps, whether it is a retail business, a call center, or an online customer experience.

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