Avoiding Eating Ingredients, Complaints and Bad Public Relations

It seems that the restaurant industry had a very bad luck. The global economic crisis has seriously offended the industry and has not helped the real estate market collapse. Since each restaurant is usually at the top of expensive commercial real estate. And they faced serious problems with the FDA, New York, and California to seek more information on all the components of the prepared ingredient.

It will remind you of the huge problem of the transfusion and the compulsory disclosure of such ingredients, and the possible ban on the transfat. It seems that restaurant owners simply can not take a break, and the recent ObamaCare has made things worse. Many restaurants simply can not afford to many people on their payroll and still provide them with insurance cover. This means that there can not be so many people at the staff and there before the customer service goes down and can reduce their profits in both ways.

But that's not all that's going on, as it looks like you've read paper every day that the restaurant industry has hit one or other thing. It's probably as if they can not get out of Dodge and violations of the rules will continue to cause destruction and crisis for the industry.

An interesting article was on the Wall Street Journal's next day, January 12, 2011; "Fast food fast to settle the beef" by Carl Bialik (the guys guy) with Taco Bell and ingredients, such as beef replacing the real beef tacos.

The last thing we want to do is harm the franchise industry, because industry is a lot of work for Americans. Some people say that these are not very good jobs, but if that is the only task, it probably sounds good to you. Likewise, many restaurants make waitresses and waiter tips, and some may make good money.

In the fast-food market, most people are paid under the minimum wage, and raising Obama Care costs simply means they can not hire a lot of people and have no choice but to become robots. In other words, no one will profit. So nowadays, some of the restaurants, the big franchise chains, have successfully developed an agreement with the Obama administration to resign from ObamaCare.

The problem is that many other restaurants could not get the resignation, so they equalize the playing field in the free market. In this case, entry has further barriers and the free market does not exist. This latest issue in lawsuits, disclosure of ingredients, and Bad Public Relations is not what the industry needs now. I really hope you should consider it.

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