Catering for large groups with the Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo

This is a challenging task for weddings, parties, or corporate tasks. There is little time to prepare and cook many meals. Guest must have fast delivery within the same time frame. That's why every server needs as much help as you can.

The Robot Coupe Food Processing Combo is a wonderful catering equipment for hard workers. Processing jobs from your hand and just like a right-hand cook. The Robot Coupe Model R502 Ultra can cut and sliced ​​vegetables up to 300 servings. Groups of 100 and 200 people are gentle, not to mention 300 people. With this catering appliance, you can add the potatoes and set the machine to cut it for you. You can follow this with carrots. It is possible that vegetables, such as cucumbers, are sliced ​​in a short time. We all know that time-consuming cutting and slicing of vegetables can be. Adding the vegetables to the Robot Coupe Food Processing Combo will take the hard work out of your hand and you can trust the machine to do it for you.

The Robot Coupé Food Processor Combo performs 1000 Watt and 400 Volt. It operates at 750 and 1500 RPM with pulse function. It is made with a smooth shovel with vegetable slicer and a 5.5 liter stainless steel tray. Vegetable slicing machine with cutting function is equipped with two funnels. The large tank is 139 cm and the cylindrical tank is 58 mm in diameter. There are optional cutting discs to choose from depending on your needs.

Hosts usually spend a lot of time traveling to the venues with some catering equipment. It's good to know that the Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo is small enough to travel. Its size is 665 x 380 x 350 mm so it fits easily in the van and is easy to transport.

The Robot Coupé Food Processing Combo is a great catering equipment for a busy catering that regularly performs large group functions. While concentrating on preparing delicious recipes, the machine can cut and slices vegetables, saving you time and reducing time.

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