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Lead your restaurant staff to provide excellent customer service and drive restaurant profits. This article offers restaurant training so you can teach your restaurant staff how to properly answer your phone to win your customers. Take the time to review your telephone correspondents with the article and use the roleplay exercises to capture the concepts.

With roulette, your staff can practice techniques in simulated environments or classroom environments to create trust and skill levels. The phone is a powerful marketing tool and gives you an initial impression of what a great dining experience will be. The phone answering program focusing on communication skills is used by competitors and increases money in the bottom line with the increased customer protection.

Ring Ring … "Thank you for calling me Pizano.
Audrey, how can I help you today?"

Telephone conversation sounds simple, but did you know that one of the rough or experienced people answering the phone will spend thousands of dollars on the store? Just because the phone connection does not face the eye, it does not mean that the unsurpassed customer service is less important. Well-trained staff who respond professionally to the phone makes it easy to call, which results in repetitive business and positive mouth clearance. Here are some tips you can share with your staff to assist them as a telephone expert.

Calling Guidelines:

Be polite and courteous to all callers – even if you do not buy products. You never know the network capability available to callers – even if you do not pay to your customers. Due to professionalism, one day their neighbors or friends may become valuable clients. Here are some reasons why people call your facility:

– Company information data (directions, menu, operating hours, procedures, gift certificates, etc.)
-Select an order
job position
Take a job background check
-Receive a product / service
-Receive the survey
-Receive your bookings / banquet accommodation
-Voice feedback
-Ortain order (call supplier / customer )

Answer the phone immediately. If you expect more than three rungs, you may risk losing the caller to a competitor.

An enthusiastic greeting. Creating an enthusiastic greeting is key to creating a positive first impression with your customer. The energetic greeting loudly adjusts the voice of the entire call. The greeting must include at least the following: Thanks to the caller, the name of the company, the introduction and the assistance. Depending on how it works, it is worth mentioning the bids or making a suggestion.

For example:

Good morning …
Good day …
Good evening …

"Thank you for calling Pizano … Red Hot Popper Pizza It's Susan ..

Matt Loder, the Crabby, was born in 1964, when he was born in the United States of America, Bill CEO of Florida, Florida, in Indian Rocks Beach, knows how important it is to train his staff in a telephone etiquette, "the phone often contacts the customer for the first time and creates the first impression on our life … behind the sound, which sells your facility. "

Do not place callers on hold without having to. "Suppose I keep myself with me?" Do not place callers for more than 30 seconds if you can not serve them over a 30 second period, then let them know that you will be right.

as you communicate effectively with your voice, as 15% of your messages communicate with words you use, and 85% communicate with your voice quality, so speed, sound and inflection are very important. you will encounter the phone because you do not see callers face to face, it is difficult to rely on your words and your voice. To create trust, plan your voice and enjoy the energetic, cheerful sound. Try to smile when you talk – you smile on your face with a positive attitude and a pleasant call.

Be an effective student. Ask the right questions to help speed up your call and / or order refinement.

Speak clearly and articulate your words. Do not fill in words such as yah, fast, uh-huh, etc. Use polite words like: please, thank you, greet you, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, you want, will surely offer you to check it out.

Please provide important information when receiving messages. Make sure you can read the following information legibly and accurately:

-Call-back number (s)
-Complete message

even if you find that you have chosen the same questions with other callers. Remember: First responding to the customer's perception. If you do not know the answer to the question, always visit and follow up.

Use the caller's name whenever possible. The name of the person is the one most important measure that one can make someone feel feelings. Their names may be asked from computer records from previous orders or from their initial greeting. We always treat the client with the name it presents. For example, "Ms. Brown" or "Steven". If you are unable to learn their name, use "Sir" or "Ms."

When calling, do not ignore incoming clients. Use your head with nodding or hand gestures to signal your customers' appreciation. If necessary, place the caller politely on hold and acknowledge the visit immediately. Let the caller know he'd be right with them. On the other hand, if you are talking to a pedestrian customer and the phone rings, complains, and lets the walk-in customer know they will be right with them.

Does not give a typical request or an unknown situation to your manager. For example, very large orders, party orders, and nervous or dissatisfied customers should be included in the manager's attention.

Thank you for calling. Always show your appreciation if you thank the caller's name.

For example: "Mr. Johnson, thank you for the call." Depending on the nature of the call, you can thank them for their feedback or order. "

For example," Good day and call us soon. "

Say goodbye, you deserve special attention, thanking the client, close the conversation with a nice farewell. "

Use for Phone Business Purposes and Emergency Situations Talking with friends can cause thousands of dollars in lost business

Implementing the above tips will encourage existing customers to return, advertise new customers, and generate a positive word So be ready the next time the phone rings and prepares your colleagues to make the best of their feet, smile and take advantage of the great marketing opportunities

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