Commercial Cooling for Supermarkets

Supermarkets are heavily dependent on cold storage, especially meat, chilled meals, frozen foods, drinks and ice creams. It is essential that supermarkets provide the right cooling systems for different foods

Here are the commercial refrigeration modes recommended in supermarkets.

  • Cold drinks. A drink cooler that keeps you cooler drinks and drinks. The supermarket needs many of these solutions depending on the size of the facility. A large unit such as the Beverage Cooler 943L – 2 door would be ideal.
  • Ice cream freezer. Supermarkets generally keep the ice cubes of ice creams. They must be cooled and freeze-dried. The 240L Ice Cream Freezer is about waist high and has sliding glass doors on top of the unit. The customer can simply view the contents of the ice cream on the top of the glass and slide it open to reach the ice-frozen ice cream.
  • Island Freezer. This freezer is good for various frozen foods. Be sure to keep the various frozen foods in separate freezers. For example, use a freezer for chicken and the other for frozen vegetables. The Island Freezer 758L Curved glass slider is a wide unit so you can store many frozen foods. Customers can go and conveniently view content with the glass pane.
  • Falhűtő. The chillers are a large commercial refrigeration unit with shelves on different levels. Adaptable to the wall, there is no glass window or door, and is open at the front, providing easy access. Wall chillers are ideal for foods that need to be cooled but not frozen. Suitable for dairy products such as yogurt, butter, cheese and milk drinks.
  • Meat / Deli cooler. This catering equipment is provided with a glass window on the customer side. The rear end is open for supermarket staff to reach the meat or products at the customer's request. This display fridge is of various sizes according to your requirements.

These are commercial refrigeration units that are recommended in supermarkets. Depending on the size of the supermarket, you may require more than one unit. It's imperative that you have a good catering facility make sure your customers get quality meals.

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