Consultative service for creating customer relations and results

The computer operating system creates the basis for an electronic exchange that allows and limits the interaction of information. Similarly, our ideas about how to get advice on our customers' experience, allowing or limiting the results we produce

As an educational consultant, we've opted for a "consultancy service" as an operating system. This approach is based on the conviction that the expertise of the consultant is most valuable if the client is clear about the results to be achieved and he is aware of the advisor as an inventive partner.

Advisory service is a useful process to begin with to understand the needs and needs of the customer and the benefits of these results. This understanding is developed early on with the customer relationship. During the design period, we check or update and then provide a pillar that provides a mutually satisfactory long-term relationship during the provision of services.

How to install this operating system into your work? We talked about some aspects of the consultation – other articles related to open, active listening, as well as a series of questions about customer outcomes, success factors, concerns and opportunities for advancement

. Perhaps the most important thing I'm trying to understand is to let go of the preconceived concepts of what the client wants and why. To do so, we must help openness, release, and opening when we start asking questions that help customers discover what they want and how they will know when they are.

Another important state-of-existence element is the open, non-conditional listening that the client actually says. What I "hear" contains more than words spoken. This includes comments on the body language (which may indicate congruence or congruence in relation to the sentences in question or further exploration of possible attitudes), as well as information obtained through emotional feeling or intuition. This information raises further clarifying questions to examine customer understanding, actual success criteria, and action opportunities that can be found to be fruitful for them.

Such an approach of discovery that passion serves to provide the service makes a difference to our customers as we rely on our strengths and expertise. The counseling service supports your work satisfaction, builds long-term customer relationships and plays an important role in providing a solid foundation for our future successful consulting service.

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