Creating a positive image for good customer service

For more than 10 years as a customer service activity I have observed that one of the most common reasons why some organizations are not able to get a good rating for customer satisfaction surveys. The most common reason is the lack of trust in customer service staff when faced with customers. The ability to behave with confidence is not what most people are born, but is the one that requires constant practice and encouragement.

Here are five tips that can help customer service staff to believe in themselves and their skills that are later translated into excellent customer service: – I'm sure our colleagues all met these well understandable tips, either from colleagues or friends , took part in senior management. How many seriously did we take that word seriously? For example, to be positive you must first believe in yourself and be able to have a positive conversation. It can not be a one-off thing, but it requires constant exercises and self-motivation. Customer service staff should include a positive building practice every day, for example, "I'm sure" or "I feel good" or "Today is a big day for me." The best. "We can all imagine the magnitude of suffering that passes on we pay attention when watching the movie block "2012". Imagine whether customer service staff can teach you success when meeting with every customer. Bring them in to get to know and enjoy feelings coming with them. What is their positive reinforcement, which makes their own success visible in order to increase performance?

Customer Service staff talk as the customer service staff discuss, dress up, image for customers. When customer service staff find it important to avoid loud pauses, such as "er", "um", "uh" and "know what I mean". Only with a strong, constant voice, not shouting or mumbling, they will not design the right picture for the customers. Identify and avoid angry acts such as cursing with your finger or other personal jewelery, pulling your arms, and looking at a person. Needless to say, eye contact is important and it must always be assured.

Get ready Well

There's a saying that is Opportunity = Preparation. When your staff is well-prepared, they are trusted in organized thinking and are able to demonstrate clearly and confidently. They have to learn to do research and they are willing to spend time on probes until they get them. Use positive confirmation to reward those who are well prepared to compare with others.

Imagine your staff to be very curious and do not be afraid to ask and try something, even if they are in danger at the time. They need to be encouraged to take risks and get new challenges for greater rewards and satisfaction. Do not punish good intentions, but nourish and guide them in the right way

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