Customer Service – A lesson we should have learned from full quality management

Questions to be asked: "Who is my client?" and "What should I do?" Modern business functions as everyone is "doing their job". Sales "impress the streets" to increase new orders. Buying deals with the company's most favorable prices. Payable bills process bills to pay manufacturers in time to improve the company's creditworthiness. Production is running as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately, most business professionals have failed to answer the above first question correctly. The right answer is everyone. In the business world, the term "everyone" can be divided into two categories:

1. Any contact person with people outside your company offers a unique opportunity to improve or improve your company's position on the market. The same applies to you personally. Any new person you meet is a possible friend and ally (see below 3).

While at work, instead of saying "This is not my job," she says, "I do not know the answer, but I'll find out for you." How many times did you call the company's main number to get help on a particular issue if it's only from one class to another. How much time does it take to resolve it? Solved? How did you feel this company after all the frustration? Keep in mind that when a frustrated customer calls. Even if you are not related to your work or department, the financial stability of your company may depend on you in today's economy.

A few years ago, the chairman of Scandinavian Airlines looked at it. He began to notice that every time an employee contacted a customer (or potential customer), there was a "deciding moment" that directly affected the customer's view of his business. In the observation of employees, at the airports ticket sales point, he realized that when an employee had encountered a problem, the employee had to waste the time of the customer while the employee attempted to have the driver's approval. This often added to the customer's frustration and always misconvened the airline. He decided to authorize the ticket vendor to make many of these decisions. Client approval has increased (plus sales).

2nd In order to deepen the meaning of customer service, any person who is related to the purpose in which he or she is interacting with is your client. If you receive an email requesting information from another employee, these data are often needed to complete the task. Without your data, the employee can not do the job. The more you delay the response, the bigger the company. This will cause the waste and the bottom line. When purchasing sales forecast requests, the vendor is delayed because it is too busy? Purchasing may need this high-level negotiation. If your procurement agent does not have this information, you can not effectively negotiate the best value. The company suffers, pays too much money. If the payable invoices refer to the backup copies of the invoice, is the purchase delay? Payable bills may need these data to be able to pay the bill early to qualify for a 2% discount. The company suffers from the lack of savings potential.

There is a third definition for the client that we need to consider in our personal lives.

3rd There is a wider definition of customer service, which includes our whole life. Everyone you contact with is your client. When booking a flight ticket, the agent needs some information to reserve the flight.

How do you feel when a perfect stranger smiles at you in the pass? Too often we hear our own unique problems. You may not notice it, but your face may cause sadness, insecurity, despair. The passing stranger's smile like a little sunshine. The wonderful benefit of a smile is often felt more when you are the one who smiles.

Customer Service even extends to your family. Your spouse needs some things for your marriage's health. They must be assured of maintaining financial stability. They may need occasional back rubbing, passing words or extracts. You may have to spend quality time with you regularly. Your children need some things to be successful in life. There is a need for an adult role model. You may need somebody to teach them how to ride a bike, baseball, and solve your homework.

As you briefly touched the 1st point, every new person you meet is a possible friend and ally. Networking is an effective tool that enhances and enhances the quality of your life and the people you know.

Full Quality Management (TQM) is more than simple derogation, ISO certification, quality control and engineering studies. The key here is the word "Total". It involves our whole life. The US business secured only part of TQM with Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, Kaizen and Lean.

Keep the soundtrack on further topics in this ongoing series of lessons we should have learned from TQM.

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