Customer Service and Convenience, a Powerful Strategy

The day, I talked to a Floridian entrepreneur who was interested in the oil change business. It would be good on a motorway, and although other companies are doing the same in the area, there was actually one in the street, he thought it was a great opportunity and the race was only out there because it meant that many stores the other company was extremely busy. Okay, so let's talk about this?

Prior to retirement, he ran a franchise company and was seriously concerned about the race. First, I knew we could beat them at the price, but I also noticed that in order to keep businesses and continue redirects, we had to wait for great customer service. Fortunately, as a mobile service car service, I also know we had the advantage of being more comfortable for our customers. These two things are only; comfort and customer service means that you did not have to sell it at a price only.

The problem of starting a business from a competitor on the street is that they have been doing business for some time, and if they are busy, then they have good customer service and many repetitive business activities. Since the new kid in the block goes for the price, but you have to admit that loyalty is hard to break when a company offers excellent service and has been there for years.

Bishop Kara in an article; The magazine "Back to the Future" in the National Olive and Lube News quotes an interesting quotation from Valvoline Instant Oil Change, who stated: "The basis for why the same customers as we are in the future: comfort and customer service . "

Not so interesting? Here's a franchise chain CEO with very basic units, hundreds, and repeating the reality that service and comfort is a timely-tested principle in business. Of course he is right. This does not mean that you do not have to be honest with your clients and give them a fair price, but you may not have to deal with striking price wars. You can hold your head overhead and still account for a large part of your overall market share.

People do not forget good customer service, and when they make it easy for them, they find more frequent clients, not to mention all referrals for a satisfied customer base. I really hope you consider it and think about it.

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