Customer Service and different types of clients

The customer service manager must always be relaxed and collected. Fracture and despair appear in the body language. Keep a positive attitude and everyday life is a new day. Learn to recognize a potential buyer from all the customers who visited you. Customer Service is a study of human nature and client psyche.

The first type of customer is what a purchase needs to define criteria that must be value-based and must match it. But these value-based buyers can be difficult if they are not impressed with their offer and can not grasp or are too pricey.

There are business pre-users who want to do more, as they are very important and persuasive in their needs, they tend to have a personal relationship with the vendor and get more from the sale. Then there are some demanding people whose needs may not be acceptable and leave little profit. The last type of crisis-minded customers who do not like it are to avoid the best diplomacy.

The best customers are those who know what they want, walk around, decide, check and activate the guarantee, pay, shake hands and bid adieu. But there are some who engage, discover, and buy. Some people who take a long time to decide – you have to be patient – will be coming forever.

There are customers who buy the budget – if they keep the wallet, they buy it as they decide. Those who do not or will not, or will not at all, decide because they do not have the decision-making authority.

There are customers who are democratically and consciously buying things. Especially the purchase of the whole family will use, or if it is more than a decision maker at the company.

There are then custom customer features, ideal customers are smart, open to new ideas, are well-versed, are aware of thinking, and are honest and meet your needs. These people are thinking fast and agreeing quickly on the agreements.

The new ones in the purchase still form an opinion as opposed to the experienced customer you are dealing with. They are happy to receive suggestions, but mostly discuss their knowledge before making any decision.

The last kind of purchase is procrastinator, who can be a new boss. They may ask for multiple offers, inflexible, not quality but price buyers. We do not have to tell which ones it is worth to continue and which does not. Common sense prevails everywhere.

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