Customer Service Cover Letter Pattern

The following customer service letter pattern shows the spelling of good letter writing. Longer than the conservative standard. The sender begins to say what job he is looking for. Some congratulations to the company. In the second and third he highlights his skills and achievements. The last copy of the customer support service sets the interview on the letter pattern.

Customer Service Letter Copy

Dear Mr. Smith,

Let this letter be yours. I've read on your site that you need a support representative. I am currently working for six years in this area, currently working on the sales department of ____. After listening to the recent ____, I see that you are a rapidly growing company with a bright future; I would be happy to have your skills in your service.

My warm, friendly and charming personality has helped win our loyal customers. I am proud that since I started working for my current employer, the number of returning customers has doubled!

In addition to customer service, I worked as a contributing officer at the Mayor's Office. Listening to people and listening to concerns to find a solution is natural to me. My experiences have been taught that every business or organization should always have an open and active relationship with patrons for success. Customer Service Representatives are responsible for providing this to you.

I've attached my resume to your reference, which details my work history, trainings, seminars and prizes. But I think I can tell more about my skills in an interview. Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss the meeting.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jane Henry

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