Customer Service – Do not break your back

You know I fully agree that you have to provide a good customer to your business. Do you want to treat others with you when you enter a store? So make sure you do the same with others as you would like … The problem is, though sometimes you are kind to the client, they are still bumping on their throat and will not let them speak. a bad day, or something happening at work, there are a number of things you should sometimes consider. I also had some people who told me that some customers are getting their way because the entrepreneur and / or the business talked to them that was so crazy. Well, this can change the pace of the conversation if someone violates the other, but what if you were as kind as this customer and did everything you did to do what you wanted and did a great job?

I've made countless bids that I've been using the fence company and work between clients and customers can guide you when they get there as if they did not know what they are doing. (in the FL down, many retirees think that the way is the only way) But when I get there, try to do their job and give them honor and they will be very polite, start doing this job. On the other hand, I made offers in which people were as kind as when I left, deciding to go to work and do things like telling them when they were set up or how long it took to get materials …. It turns out that the hell's clients, and you did not see them coming at all and doing a good job of getting the materials and workplaces.

It was only the next day that I was offered, a pretty older couple, and paid 40% for the materials, implanted them, set up places and called them, saying it was around Saturday / Thursday that we could come to install the fence. I called them that day and said they would be on Thursday. and the wife said I had a good doctor. and my husband wants to be here and will not come back until 13:00, so I knew we had another job we would be after we could swing to meet their needs and time. Well, this was a pretty big deal, bad rain came over and it kept us so it did not last for hours like I thought. So I called them know they will be tomorrow (Friday) that we can come in and say that she will be there, but her husband was still going to be there but it would not be until 1:00 pm and I told him I could bring them to do a job against them, but it would not last long and then go to their house. (We all know that businesses can not give you exactly or wait for others to list jobs) The guys finished the first job at 10.30 on Friday and started off at the couples' house, there and no answer. They tried again, did not answer. Then they went to the house and knocked, no one lived, so at 11:00 they left a message telling them they were there and could not wait because there were still some installments on that day. Well, the older man comes to 1, calls the installer to chew because he did not wait for him (he wanted 11-1 to wait for him to get there because he should be supervised. he was there, he said he needed to go to the grocery store when he knew well that he was there, so he called the office three times for lunch, saying that all afternoon the workers did not come when I talked to our sons, and they said they had talked to him and wanted to install it after they had finished their work

And to see that we were doing this job and trying to plan the timetable, but at the moment we did not sit and did not waste their time , they were blown up, they knew we were installing, but they still went to the store. It is as if some customers think that we have to worship them and only have to run their time where we try to m live and enjoy a good company by making your customers happy and installing their fencing. He expected us to leave the job we are working on and come to him. Do you think it would be very happy if we had a caller and wanted us to leave his job? No, I do not think …

This is the only many people I've been dealing with over the past few months, no matter how hard you try, you just can not ask for some people. This is what Business Beware is, even if customers notice when they see their name, there are different companies out there to go back and think, "hmmm you know, maybe I have to pay attention to what I am, what you say or not. "

Customer service is a good thing and you should learn from it as you do anything, but do not break your back on certain people you simply can not ask because it's not worth it. Instead, complain about Business Beware and warn others not to have the same headache as you do, and you may have to close the client once.

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