Customer Service in Bottled Water Business

Almost every company speaks of customer service and the need for excellence to meet customer needs, but very few people do this for action. This is especially true in the bottled water business.

Bottled water industry service has a broad customer base for individual companies in the industry that serves many unique customers. The industry is characterized by a small number of large companies and a large number of relatively small players with specific geographic gaps. But every bottled water provider shares the need for customer service.

Business Nature:

Bottled water business is manufacturing and delivering spring or purified water in small packages and larger containers such as a 5 gallon bottle. The product is shipped directly to the customer's premises via truck or common carriers owned by the company. Industry-based bottled water companies implicitly promise their customers to produce the highest quality product and deliver the product to its customers in the manner and time it determines.

Many, Many Customers:

Customers in bottled waters are very diverse from individual bottlenecks to big, multi-refrigerated, high-water business accounts. Every customer has their own special needs, and the needs of all customers of customers are as important as all other customers.

The Customer Service Promise and Business History:

In the past, many industry companies focused on the process rather than customer service. Many companies considered that a product of an excellent product fulfilled the customer's obligation. However, the customer's promise contained much more than a quality product and other necessary services such as timely delivery, appropriate pricing, additional delivery requests, and other customer-specific needs. One of the most important customer needs is to communicate customers' concerns with the decision makers of that company.

The current state of the industry: The failed promise:

Although at first glance bottled water can seem quite simple, it is actually a very complex business. High quality water should be produced and delivered to customers in time and order. Often customer requirements change without warning and flexibility is required to meet the new requirements.

Often customers' water needs exceeded their original expectations and shortcomings. The supplier must invest in the infrastructure of communication and rolling stock to meet changing demand needs.

For suppliers who use branded water as a means of buyer advertising, label design, printing and durability on a bottle is a critical factor. Forms that challenge quality in design and print labels provide lower products for their customers.

Communication and Customer's Promise:

Many bottled water suppliers ignore the fact that the right channels of communication serve the client's promise. Excessive reliance on voice or e-mail, inadequate customer response and lack of a genuine customer service culture has had a negative impression on the minds of many customers.

The proper communication system contains many technical elements, but you have to start with the willingness to incorporate human contact into communication. No customer wants to fall into the voicemail, and bottled water providers that flourish and grow, those that customer service personnel need to respond to and respond to customers' questions and concerns.

Accepting Responsibility and Ensuring Customer Satisfaction:

The objection has so many objections, but bottled water suppliers who are truly world-class, are those who take the responsibility and do everything, satisfaction. This often means that there is little or no profit in a given transaction to fulfill the customer service promise.

Size is not decisive in the customer service equation. Often, smaller companies are willing, willing and able to guarantee the fulfillment of their customers' promise.

Find a supplier who not only made the promise of the customer but the story of the fulfillment of the promise.

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