Customer Service is our top priority now

When was the last time you went shopping, eating or calling customer service for help, was it a terrible experience? I bet that the answer may take about two and a half seconds later. You can not just come up with it, you can give him every small detail. Now think about the last time you've experienced the day. It's a little harder.

The old saying goes: "Happy customer tells a man, and an unhappy client tells 10 people." Can your company allow the 10 people to tell another and another? In most cases, it is assumed that the answer is not. Leading to how high customer support issues are high on your level? When are they doing how to handle them? Of course, the first answer is to handle the problem for the client, but what are you doing next? You mean, there is a next step you say to yourself, but I was dealing with the question. What you need to understand is that if this question is so large that it has reached the level, there are many more that never went through.

Bill Gates says, "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest learning source." Once this experience has taken place, you must repeat the opportunity to re-evaluate your company, team, and processes. Was this a problem between a member of a team member and a customer who was a bad day? If so, be sure to sit down with that person and talk about how to deal with the situation differently if it comes up again. Was there a case where you had a bigger problem with your product or service? If so, then the team's approach can be solved. You may need to associate a group to interact proactively with other clients and let them know a potential problem, thereby reducing the pain of customers.

As a small entrepreneur we will go through the returns, expect our customers to tell their customers and business colleagues how we could help them with their needs and what a great job they were doing. Many small businesses have limited sales budgets and struggling with how to get their name into the community, keeping in mind that this positive press is worth more than money. This allows you to grow your business to "go to" for your product or service. This does not mean that the customer did not have a collision with success, but that means he was treated quickly and professionally and achieved results that favored the client. In fact, they often talk about such a fight and about the professionalism with which their team has handled it.

I know sometimes these blows are very costly to the right. For example, if you suddenly realize that the widget you've just delivered has a 10,000 number, what's the net effect on the bottom line if all 10,000 have to be replaced? It would be better to think if my client receives the order, then hand it over to clients and then give it to their brother. No matter what the cost, is it not easy to handle the problem directly before you reach this level? Let's look at the current crisis in the gaming industry, using lead-based products for gaming. Most important manufacturers had to remind themselves of a huge amount of product. This has caused the public's interest, not only the limited game that reminds them of being directly affected by them, but the manufacturers and the stores they have bought.

Now, I'm not saying they knew about the issues and did nothing, but I ask, it would not have been easier to notify their retailers and tell them what the problem was before it went to the general public. In recent years, toy manufacturers have seen a drop in sales of toys and electronics growth for younger and younger generations. That does not help. So ask me, do you think it is worth mentioning the amount immediately to record your 10,000 widgets, no matter what the cost?

Customer Service is the key to success that many people talk about and never follow. This is what separates the successful company from flying to night. Why? Because if you want to be in the long run, your reputation and you need to do much more than build it. Customer Service is our number one priority, now it means.

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