Customer Service – Lost Art

We've all experienced access to the store or business … and you're standing there. No one is really approaching
to ask you for some help. He leaves the jungle of corridors, and in an hour, I doubt you'll notice if you raise a white flag. The cashiers too
have captured the "after work" plans and the scammers are sitting

Not only personally, by phone, fax, email,
or by e-mail. There are so many ways to feel emotional and significant to others. The only time you're paying attention to someone when you get a telemarketing monotone speech and
you're saying that you use the "Do not Call" list.
You get direct attention – you hang it.

In the late few days, the client was always right and the workers
were told to jump to the focus of attention when a customer entered the site and question boxes for any help or 19459002 questions. In modern times and with so much seasonal help such as summer jobs and Christmas filling jobs, the younger
generation sees their work extending only to their social life.
A bit rough – not really. Just go to a bank and the young cashier's conversation with the people hanging around them, and you can only hope that their business – and wonder – are usually done in the usual way
. There may be some mechanism built into their minds so they do not only have multiple tasks but multiple conversations – sometimes
for you, but most for everyone.

Try another way to draw attention to a store – send something or ask for a price
. In addition to the inevitable "tsk" sound from the person behind the counter, and with his hips his hands with a blank glance – no, not only fell from the sky and he was determined to enter. If you wait long enough
you often grab the package and you mumble "just forget it
". Price controls usually run a person in the register, show the battery, then leave the other corridor, sometimes never again – no one is worried about their disappearance. Just you – because
is still there where you are immersed in the mindset behind consumers
. What do you think you're doing?

If there are frequent fast-food restaurants, there are usually ten young people
behind the counter – all wearing uniforms in different ways.
Tell them what you want, begin punching the computer,
call the handset who is ready to make a bag
on fried potatoes and he looks at you and starts punching on your computer.
Soon, the cashier will tell you how much your order is – but I forgot to ask
if you want to go. You mention that both methods are fine – but not that. You must choose
. There is an "internal" tax and a "subtraction" tax. No
counts that it is usually the same amount but quick
decision to make. Your order arrives, and while you are there,
looks a little better than you and you call a number. Check the receipt
just to make sure you are and try to hand over the ticket. They are still looking for the mass – only an unpaved flesh should be made
of white paper in the air. Try section
and ask if you want to go – no, you just think you got your order, you find the parking space and you're going. Well, everybody has a choice. right?

While all of them may seem a little bit lenient,
should be 21 years old and are currently enjoying a three-month vacation. If you
would be somewhere else – really anywhere else – but you have to pay for car insurance
and this "ticket" for your car's freedom. Wait for the older generation
to protest and take over the video stores and CD
stores and all the "cool" places they're hanging out. We are talking about and discussing our recent pains and sorrows, and look at us because you do not really understand the twelve holes in the ear cushions, not by circulating it – just a friendly note
. Things will change – then the tables will turn. Ah, just the thought – life will be so good.
© Arleen M. Kaptur
July 2007

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