Customer Service – Managing Language Barriers

Delivering world-class customer service at the best times is difficult and is much more challenging than in the past. In today's global village it is not unusual to meet a person or phone with a customer who is struggling with your language. This can be a very awkward and frustrating situation for everyone. Here are six rules for overlapping linguistic barriers:

Be patient
If you think you are disappointed, imagine how to feel your client! If you have ever tried to use a second (or third or third) language, you know how much you feel when the server you are dealing with does not understand and looks like you. stupid.

Looks good
Smiles for the sake of goodness! Let your face send a message that, despite the communication barrier, the customer is interested.

Listening to Creativity
Often when someone searches for words, they try to try different strategies. For example, if someone says "I need an eye-locked place," do not just shake your head in frustration. He (he) is just wondering where the nearest hotel is.

Using body language
Ever playing charades? Great body language can often compensate for other language limits. Use your hand.

Using visual images
An image is actually worth 1,000 words. Use pencils and paper, maps, calculators – all the moves that can promote communication

Involve others
If there is someone you know who can help?

It requires a lot of courage to conduct business in a language that does not have its own owner. Make sure your customer is respected!

Good luck!

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