Customer Service – "No" says good

The biggest challenges to world-class customer service include the times when you really need to "no" at the customer's request. Sometimes it is because the policy is in place. Sometimes they are looking for something that they do not. And of course, sometimes it's just unreasonable for what they ask for you.

It's hard because the whole concept, saying it does not seem to be opposed to its philosophy doing everything it expects to satisfy the client. But the reality is that we simply can not always give everyone what they want. So the question is how do you say it not in a way that minimizes the potential of conflict?

Of course there is no perfect way. But here is a strategy that works very consistently.

first Express sorry. Tell me something like this and I want you to know or want me "& # 39;

2. Explain why you can not meet their request (Avoid the & # 39; & # 39; processes words & # 39 Tell us something we will look at what you can do .

This strategy allows customers to know that although they can not provide what they want, you are ready to work with them to get them what they need. Make sure you ask a lot of questions from customers to let them know the true purpose of their request. The better you understand where they come from, the easier it will be to find a workable solution.

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