Customer Service Performance Measurement – CRM KPI

"Thank you for calling me the XYZ Widgets."

How many times did this one work with countless buttons that mislead the most improvised Sudoku drug addicts, and after a 15 minute finger movement when they finally reach the actual person line is inexplicably dead Who is to blame This is the phone service provider's fault Technology is undergoing again It is more likely that the caller has become a victim of a poorly considered customer service performance KPI

There is something like that Call Centers are unattended in a wardrobe and answer hundreds of hundreds of daily calls Although calls are sometimes observed, most of the time the operator knows that no one will listen, so what is the motivation of fast hanging? Since the operator knows that the monthly performance bonus is a it's just about one thing: how many calls Are you working on a shift? Customers are really satisfied or not, practically irrelevant. This is only the relevant factor in the number of "processed" calls, not whether these calls are effective.

A similar scenario will be held when the order stops the executing agencies, so that the duration of the call does not exceed 13 minutes (or any other number). Call Center Employees & # 39; the performance bonus is fast and "effective". It's all good and good as long as there is a big problem that it takes for more than 20 minutes, then suddenly the previously useful call center rep had done everything that the mercenary caller down the line.

As long as Customer Service Performance KPI is quantifiable and not customer-level satisfaction, these scenarios continue to disrupt the public. That's why many companies have introduced a more reliable customer service performance measurement system. These new KPIs more accurately reflect whether the customer really feels that they have received a service level. These models look like this: when customers answered questions to each of them, the Customer Service Representative asked a number of questions. "Are you satisfied with the answers to your questions?" "Have the questions answered properly and professionally?" – Is there anything else we can do today? Sometimes these questions are asked by the representative himself and sometimes by a supervisor or another rep. The employee's primary KPI was based on customer response to these questions.

The more frequent the primary customer service KPI is based on the mere amount, the less customer satisfaction will be. The only accurate KPI for the Customer Service's performance is the Customer's actual understanding of whether or not he has received the right service.

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