Customer Service: Please & Thank You Game!

Sometimes, any task may seem tedious and a good idea to figure out how to eliminate monotony.

One way to change some aspects of the game.

For example, sellers can play "Please Reject Me!" game, match. This can be enjoyed alone or with companions.

The goal is to count the number of denials by day, week, or month. The winner is whoever sets up the most, or if you play yourself, you win if you beat your previous best score.

Of course, sellers have to pay for sales rather than not being prepared! But we know that the more you see, and the more we do not get, the more sales we will earn. So this is a handy game, which is an unpleasant part of work, much more enjoyable.

"Please & Thank You Game" works with a similar principle, but in the care of customers. The winner is the person who says that we pray and thank you most for a particular conversation, day, week, month, or any time.

Of course you can not say these words sarcastically, for obvious reasons, and you can still win!

We know there is a relationship between the request and the liking of customers, as well as thanks and customer recognition.

So, thank you for reading this article and please go to it.

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