Customer Service – pleasure or disaster?

I must say, customer service has become more and more a thing of the past. Looking for the same thing? It becomes so obsolete that we are almost accustomed to NOT having a real service when we are out. From Calling Your Phone and Receiving an Automated System ("Press 1 to hear the words, then press 1 & # 39; then press 2 to hear other options and do not include live talking to people. ") for the cold ownership of the stores; customer service, as we know, is actually a lost art.

Maybe I'm just – let's see if this script really is right for you.

After the "gates" approach, WalMart welcomed a grizzly "Welcome to WalMart" (interpretation: get your stuff and get out of here, just say I'm happy to see you). Since the salvo is clearly glued to the official welcome chair / bench, you almost have to feel saying, "Hey, you know what you're going to take – thank you – do not get up," but you want to be polite, so you bite your tongue. It does not take a long time to figure out that you've completely rearranged the shop last week so everything you know about is rolling over and completely different corridors. (It's actually a marketing strategy that keeps customers in the longer store.) They hope you meet something you've never seen before, so buy more.)

Only one item in your list is more like a hunting hunt, trying to find help from a partner. Fortunately, after 10 minutes of searching, I found someone, he says, "Oh, this is not my part, so I do not know" and go. You feel that you are saying, "All right, you can use this great intercom system to find the right companion (hey rhymes), but you know I've been looking for this item in an hour and a half, I'm sure I will find "and decide that she does not need it today. (Hello – lost seller.)

You are now signed out. Well, something. Of the 22 possible check-out lines, only 2 are open. (I ask you why 22 check-out lines were built when only one-time open to plan that only half the holidays are open, 4 or 5 teenagers in the hangout that I do not know – do their job? , I went out.) Customers paid, customer payouts are now gathering at the beginning of the shop, making it almost impossible for those who still buy,.

Woo Hoo – now you're the queue to watch out for! You think you can refresh the day with a smile, after all are a cheat and one of the professionals. Too bad it does not make eye contact, right? You are lucky to have the & # 39; hello & # 39; he did not smiled. Instead, she gets the discomfort because she can not attend the teenage conversation on the polite counter thank you. The glowing light comes back if she does not take over her bags full of tweeted beats with the sad rotating carousel. (I do not get a baby – once there was a checker who stopped looking for objects and stared at me because I did not buy my bag right away to make it a carousel, cash register, and wrap my bag in my basket.) You get a free but quick to kick you when the inspector checks you for the receipt. The Great Finish: NOW the greeter is as nice as he leaves and says, "Thank you for purchasing in WalMart." Now, every decent thing, not every WalMart I've ever been, was just our local shop.

Where did all the services go? It must be where the lost socks are in the laundry. I mean, you really do not understand they're in the service industry? Let's look at it a bit. Here is the difference: Those who miss their service are only working to pay their bills. That's right. They do not have to improve their abilities, achieve higher goals, or fulfill a lifelong dream – it's just JOB. Everything is about their perspective. So why do they need to differentiate them whether the customer is satisfied or not? This is really their perspective, otherwise they would be different in the work. You can tell those who are very grateful for their work. As a direct seller, we have a great opportunity to provide incredible customer service.

It's very easy for us because the lack of such a service turns everywhere; so even the smallest detail of customer service goes a long way! We are in our businesses to help people (and, oh, salaries are huge too). Places where we can come from service locations and really serve our customers! What a privilege! What an honor! Much more than earning money, we help people and make them feel good (which we feel good about)! We make a difference, leave the legacy, and build on things that are beyond us! Does not it make sense that our business will blossom when we come from a place of work? Now I hear, "Hello, Customer Satisfaction, my name is Jennifer, how can I serve today?" "Aaahhhh … fresh air! Next time you miss customer service and almost guarantee you will be grateful to enjoy what you do. Remember others can say you are grateful for your" work "#. Do you think that you share the business opportunity with the "rotating carousel" check, is not it? Hmmmm …

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