Customer Service – Smile makes the difference

We went to dinner last night. My husband and I went to a local fishing house, a restaurant famous for cheap prices and the lake. Kids were splashing in the water, the ships ran out and water players were practicing next week. There are a couple at the neighboring table. Although my husband did not see a man, I knew, and they both listened to his conversation.

Man was talking about our age and he obviously suffered. The grasping of words and their attachment to sentences was difficult for him. I saw the fight on his face and he spoke loudly to compensate for his speech problems. His wife sat next to him. She listened patiently, and love was a poem on her face.

Our server, a young energetic woman, also served their desk. The server had a natural smile, a smile that tells her she likes her job and meets people. He smiled when he took his assignment. After the server left the man, he turned to his wife and was very "very smiled" slowly. He smiled in memory. I thought to myself, "His smile makes the difference." To have dinner, dine, talk about water sports, and stay over coffee. The server bought the check. "Do you need anything else?" Asked. Yes, there was one thing I needed and gave him feedback.

"The man who was just leaving has apparently stroke and it was difficult to talk to him," I said. "He told his wife he smiled at him.

He covered his heart with his hand, and he replied, "Oh, my dear. He paused for a moment and added, "Thank you. He went and started setting up a big party. Anyway, the server looked at me. As we stepped out of the door, I turned around and added, "You never know when you touched someone's life." He smiled again, and I too.

We're home on the lush, green Minnesota field. The sunshine turned to a pink-orange sky. The horses and cows that dredged in the twilight. I felt like I was looking at a painting. My husband, who was thinking, suddenly asked, "What did you tell him?"

"You never know when you touch someone's life," I said. Because this is the short sentence or sentence that insists on our minds. The term can be a commercial or short note, for example "good work". In fact, a short sentence or phrase inspires us. The server hit someone's life yesterday. I hope I can touch someone's life today.

Copyright 2007 by Harriet Hodgson

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