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We were there several times. Ever since our first trip was there in 1980 – it was quite an adventure when we traveled from the United Kingdom. During the first visit, my wife was pregnant with our first child, but the visit to 2000 showed us that things had changed.

We bought Disney dollars in 1980 with a gift voucher containing all the stars of the shows. There were three denominations and we brought them home and framed them in the back and front.

In 2000 we wanted to collect our memories with our collection, but left our purchase on our last night.

Imagine being frustrated when we came to the hosts at the bottom of Main Street and heard that the $ 10 voucher was only sold in EPCOT as a "trial." She refused to give up on my complaint and to ask a top manager, but they said no one was talking.

So I asked for the name of Disney World's highest ranking manager, but again they told me to write to the Customer Service and I got a title in Florida.

This was not good enough for me, so I suggested writing to Michael Eisner in Burbank, California, where Disney's headquarters are located. The guest service representative said that & # 39; I never heard of it

When I got home I did exactly that. And about three weeks after I sent the letter, I was calling – in fact, there were two phone calls because I was when the first one was spread by my wife. On the second 20-minute call (no, I urge Micheal Eisner, but a pretty lady in her office), apologetically apologized, asked a lot about the question, 39 raised and pointed out where I could get these vouchers by post. This was a detailed study to learn from your experience and make it right. & # 39;

It had a great impact on me.

But he was not so impressed as four months later when I received a two-page letter from another department, explaining what they did to improve my experience in detail and sent me a full voucher that I'd like for free for the first time.

Disney experience is well-known – in fact, the way in which customer service processes work has been described for a long time in a big book Let our Guest as part of the Disney Institute offer.

Both are worth seeing if you want to understand how it works an exemplary customer service, an organization who really knows how to do it.

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