Customer Service – The president murdered his grandmother

They said that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was tired of the typical conversation and flattery when he met the adorable guests of the various whitehouse inns. The FDR was confident that the guests did not really hear what to say, so for a particular event, President Roosevelt decided to make the same comment to every guest to see if they really listened. As the guests arrived and shook the chair's hands, he smiled polite and said cheerfully, "This is my grandmother murdered this morning." Roosevelt expects the guests simply shouting and paying the president. It is easy to think that President Roosevelt was both entertaining and ultimately saddened by the exchange program. When the last guest arrived through a foreign diplomat, Roosevelt shook hands and heard the president say, "this is my grandmother murdered this morning." The diplomat paused for a moment and replied, "I'm sure she is coming to her."

Like the president, customers also feel that their concerns were not really concerned about business

Imagine that customers think they can send an email to their customer service department and say something similar to President Roosevelt's greeting . How many such individuals would receive an automatic email that would never allow them to believe that a real person actually reviewed their emails?

Auto responders provide a great line of defense, but emails, staff and replies. Tracking is what most businesses find it difficult to make, but for some clients, your answer or lack of a lazy test is whether a business venture deserves its long-term patronage.

You do not have to look far enough to find a bad one, but most customers reward the listener's ear with additional stores.

At Nebraska's small grass and garden company, Lloyd was rewarded with repeating customers year after year because it was time to listen. Customers can approach Lloyd on every lawn and garden (and sometimes just love life) and listen. Even if you can not compete with the boxes, Lloyd continues to maintain strong customer relationships because he insists on seeing customers as their neighbors and less dollar signs.

Customer Service can be one of the best ways to promote customer loyalty, but listening ear and tracking is indispensable – even on the web.

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