Customer Service The Way of the Chicken

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite fast-food Chick-fil-A. Apart from the fact that the chicken is particularly good and always getting sweet tea, there is a valuable reason for meals – a wonderful customer service. And these lessons are not just in my nearest place. But in any city, any city, whenever I went to a Chick-fil-A, I felt like the most valuable customer.

Now you can wonder what you can learn about your business, a fast-food restaurant. In short, lots of. Just because your business is different does not mean that you can not make any other ideas or techniques and apply them to what you are doing. That is why I challenge you to be open to what you can learn from a chicken.

They're focusing.

Chick-fil knows that their expertise is good chicken. You do not have access to your window with options such as beef, pork or fish. Their focus is still what they know. There is no promise of the best steak in the city, or a fine Eastern creation, just chicken. We also have to do the same for our Clients.

Do not pretend to have expertise where you can not deliver. Customers are good to snatch us. If you promise something you can not just deliver to get a deal; You will be without a customer.

They give me what I want.

I like Polynesian sauce (sauce for sauces) of fried potatoes. Chick-fil-A never counts for me, even if I did not order the nugget. They're glad to give me what I want.

How many times do we count our customers for all these extra bonuses if they want something that is not the standard? When your client starves for something else – they make it easier for them to eat.

They'll rest.

I often love your chicken on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but Chick-fil-A has never opened up for business because of company values ​​and beliefs. Sunday is a relaxing day. They are never open, there are no exceptions and they never will, according to their business plan.

We often waste our customers so we do not break our jobs. Too much work, learning to concentrate, obscuring our attention, and leaving a bitter taste on our mouth. How much will we help customers when they are burned?

Imagine their employees.

During the Chick-fil visit you will hear things like "I'm happy to serve." "Please." "Thanks." "I can not wait to see you at the window." In the atmosphere, we find a smile, laughter and happy workers who seem to love their work. And I doubt that happiness is based on love for chicken, they are trained to evaluate the customer.

If you want to make a business, you will have to pay for superstars who believe the customer is writing a payment. Set your expectations with staff and staff so that outstanding customer service is expected, not optional. Customer service is a key part of employee orientation. And what is the most important example. CathT S.Truett decided to hire customers and employees with clients and managers who believed in their philosophy. Chick-fil-A, the company he founded, is selling more than a billion sales annually.

I encourage you to visit Chick-fil-A when you get the chance. I continue my weekly visit to confirm my customer service beliefs (and get a chicken sandwich, or dine with a big sweet tea!).

S. In both of these, you will notice that the Client and Customer password have been capitalized. Engaging the word is just one way to remind ourselves of the great importance that customers receive for our businesses. After all, we would not be in business without them.

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