Customer Service Tips – How can you give your customers what they want?

Do you know how you feel with your best friend? Pretty nice.

Sara's friend knows me warts and everything. I allowed Sara if I needed revenge or shamelessly fabulous. In the presence of Sara, my self-preservation (or lack thereof) melts like sun-dried butter.

And what's gonna get Sara? My immortal loyalty. Overflowing gratitude to another. And all the permits that you may have for your sweet self regardless of the state of your self-esteem. Paradoxically, you get the best out of it, because it does not hide the worst.


As a best friend, your better client wants what you do not do, how do you think he needs to compete. They want it to be authentic and clear that what you're advertising is what they get.

As a best friend, your righteous client wants to know that you care and can count on it. This does not mean that they are expected to meet their every need. This means that they want to be safe in the knowledge that what they are offering is what they really want to share.

And as a best friend, your just client will only want to access it if he or she is not at the top of self-esteem. Like a friend's right to suppress himself when he feels "less", only your righteous clients serve poorly when he retires, just because his self-esteem has dropped lows.

It is natural that he retires when he feels low or inadequate, but unfair to the client. How can you serve your client and improve your bidding if you hide your old bad self, repeat the most disruptive causes, and examine your action services based on your biggest fears?

You feel that hiding is more ethical than promoting your work when you are full of self-righteousness-but are you sure? Are you afraid of the fear of being less than perfection, Customer Service?

When it comes to self-esteem and a client, it's like a teenager who leaves the date in the cold while he is struggling with the mistake. Customers describe a service and business relationship that is genuinely well-founded and not a Harlequin romance.

If you seriously think about your business, find a way to show and serve reality. Tips on how to do this (because there is finally a difference between business and friendship), read 5 things that customers want and how to deliver them.


  1. Know what we can do to improve their lives.
  2. In order to find out what it takes to serve you and work with you without jumping into a lot of circles.
  3. Know how it fits well.
  4. Take a test piece without fearing hard sales.
  5. In order to compensate for what they receive, they do not have to be obliged to do so and feel comfortable asking for more.


  1. Be forward, even bold, to find that goods or services make things better for them to make a decision whether to ask for more information. This respects their time and attention by answering the following question: "What can you do for me?"
  2. Understand what you need to provide a consistent value. How much time? How much money? How Much Energy? What commitment? What kind of support? What resources? What else? If you need to know what you need to create a good customer service – come to your customers, set their prices, policies, and procedures accordingly and make it easy for your customers to understand.
  3. Show up in your business. Use a language, pictures, colors that are consistent with your work. Funny, organized, maternal minor? Or a charming, dull career coach? It is almost certain that many people do what they are doing and are doing better or better. It is very desirable, however, that anyone else likes you. It makes it easy for people to tell how well they fit.
  4. Recommends a test drive. If you sell products, give a sample. If you sell services, give a sample. How does he look like? An 8-page special report, newsletter, articles, speeches or seminars. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open, and patterns can add to a product and a new income stream.
  5. They make it easy for people to pay for their work. When your just client pays something from you, they consciously commit themselves to get money. It is much more likely that they will take advantage of their bids.

What can be the first step to create better customer service for your business? Or do you think something like this? "I understand, but my self-esteem is on the way?" Should I tell myself that I have a business? The short answer is not. There may be a hire of a business car to help build the bridge to your client who can both cross.

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