Customer Service – Warm Cookies, US Today and Lobby Coffee Make a Difference

Relationship Equity

This is an expression often used in industrial sales. It is exactly the same thing we refer to when discussing the loyalty of hospitality in the hospitality industry. Believe it or not, many other common good practices exist, all of which aim at achieving the common goal of growth and profitability.

In the hospitality industry, customer service is the platform on which everything is built. This is the mantra. It must become a core competency. So, if this is about customer service, which is about building a relationship with your company; is the brand that creates customer loyalty enough to cook, coffee and the US? I do not think so.

Building personal relationships and customer loyalty is far beyond the little cookie like cookie and coffee. Do not miss me, I love those hot cookies and I absolutely enjoy free coffee at "The Lobby", but that's just the ante performance. Creating customer loyalty and fairness goes beyond it and begins with an absolutely smooth and easy business. Industrial sales organizations are called "world-class services". This is certainly an important expression and purpose for the catering industry.

The Next Barrier

Having conquered this first hurdle and created the world-class service culture, you can start building customer loyalty by creating equality. You see, there is no valuable proposal to support the platform without the service. The customer relationship loyalty generating relationship requires that all employees be customer-centric. This means that you really need to know who your customers are. Call them by name, know your purpose and intention. There are vacations, or this business trip. Who are they working for? This is not particularly difficult if you have a repetitive customer reward system. When you are genuinely concerned about what's really important to your client, who you are and what it is, this creates a relationship that creates customer loyalty.

Is facing the employment challenge

World-class service is not guaranteed, regardless of the company's motto, promotions, or any other marketing strategy. The world-class service was created by the staff. Keep investing steadily for continuous training of employees and provide them with real incentives to build equity, resulting in customer loyalty. Do not just rent warm bodies, although the number of candidates is missing. Consider the recruitment incentives of current employees to recommend candidates. This can be partially paid when the candidate is recruited and the balance is paid nine months after the new employee shows his value and retention. Find the potential, pay a little on the market and make sure your leaders are trained in leadership and are constantly working on people's skills. Many good books have been written for customer service. Give some of the more popular to your employees and make reading compulsory.

Why are you investing in training if the traffic is big and you lose money? "

Remember that your employees treat their clients based on their personal judgment, this perception is developed by the company's culture and working environment, corporate values, integrity, goals, goals, initiatives and listening to employees who are clients vote for yourself and ask yourself:

"Can you not invest in training and developing your colleagues and expecting true customer loyalty?" [19659002] Allow me to provide you with marketing strategies, ads and cookies will not be able to do it alone

Build a culture of customer loyalty

Do not wait until you get a customer complaint to address specific customer loyalty issues Listen to your employees and suggest suggestions, ideas, and comments about working environment development, affair Make sure the communication is crystal-clear Believe it or not the overwhelming majority of employees who want to do a good job, regardless of diversity, religion, background, or personal education. They want him to be held accountable. Creating matrix skills and making skills to determine exactly what kind of training is needed and what skills there are in the workforce. Take advantage of the pluss and attract the weaknesses. All of these activities help to create an environment that enables customer loyalty to be promoted.

If staff members hear that their managers complain to each other and wonder for the demanding guests, what message do they send to them? How do you see that you are dealing with other employees and leaders? How do you see yourself handling a complainant complaint? Are you rewarding a good service or simply alerting poor customer service? All this is related to building a culture of customer loyalty. More than free coffee is needed in the lobby and USA Today. Make the following initiatives part of your strategic plan:

1. Develop and provide the right training that begins with the fundamentals and enhances leadership development. Make sure employees have the right tools to do the job, providing a world-class service. This also includes maintenance. There are many programs available and willing advisers can help you.

2nd Develop a buddy system for new employees who reward a chosen buddy based on new employee performance and orientation.

3rd If your current employee culture and environment are "shit", do not cover it. You own yourself and you have to make a change. Take employees and leaders in the change to initiate an environment that creates a culture of customer loyalty.

4th Wait for the best of your colleagues and do not defend or overcome disagreement or bad attitude. But give the workers the chance and training to adapt and change.

5th Yesterday's work can not work today. Always pay attention to the developments. Having an advantage in the race, they try to copy it quickly. That's why hot cookies are not enough. That's exactly why you should create the "Customer loyalty culture".

Your primary competitive advantage is in the hands of employees. They are ultimate comfort. You must acknowledge it and take advantage of it proactively. If the products you sell are very good, but employees do not embrace customer loyalty, they will eventually lose because competition, which recognizes the role of employees in customer loyalty and retention, takes away your business.

Today's customers expect more than cookies, free coffee and USA Today. They have more than one experience with people who represent the company they are doing business with.

Organizational cultures exist consciously or unconsciously, companies can choose the culture they want to create and communicate to both their employees and their customers. Do not make a mistake; the customer will feel the & # 39; culture & quot; even if you eat a warm cake.

Yes, hot cookies, lobby coffee and the US Today have an impact, but if there is no haunted world-class service and customer loyalty culture, the effect will be minimal and make very little difference.

Please note this:

1. What is the value of your customers' experience?

2nd What kind of culture did you create within your organization?

Be brutally honest when answering these questions, your future growth and your profitability may depend on it.

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