Customer Service – What you say makes a difference

Undoubtedly, we've all already heard the statistical statement that we only make 7% of our communication (55% of body language and 38% of voice). However, the way you express yourself can have a huge impact on your customer or other people you talk to. These tips can help:

1. Listen carefully to your own speech and start to notice it, then cut the "########################### – words that do not mean anything but are often used as padding, words such as "basically", "really" and "know" and, of course, the dreaded "at the end of the day"

Not only are they incredibly annoying if they are repeatedly used but are uncertain about your facts and misconduct. It may be customary when it is blurry or uncertain.

2. Avoid phrases such as "you must & # 39; # 39 ;, and you'll need to & # 39; when we talk to the customer – they do not have to do anything unless they buy a deal elsewhere!

"If you receive your order on Friday, you can immediately deal with" a much more enjoyable and useful sound than "Order for Friday or take a week".

3rd Never tell the customer what you can not do! Instead of "We can not ship it to next month", say "We can guarantee delivery by mid May". Always make sure you give yourself plenty of room for maneuver – under promise and overpayment.

4th Do not forget to say thank you – do not leave yourself natural. You can express appreciation in a variety of ways, verbally with a quick note or with a bouquet of flowers. Or think about ways to pay for your usual habits – buy a certain amount and get one for free etc.

These suggestions come from discussions in customer service and sales courses and I hope to help you develop and maintain good relationships with your customers.

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