Customer Service – Where is it? Can we get back?

Do you remember when you went to a restaurant and the waitress was "Sir" or "Ma"?

Remember when calling a phone call to a large company and the company as "Mr." Egypt "Mrs."?

Remember when you could ask for something in the store and the counter person said, "Yes, I'd be glad to receive it."

You may not remember these days. Those who remember a certain era, though! Where are these customer service services?

Or is it better how we can return them?

A restaurant I know goes to the extra mile for its customers. The owner ensures that customers can enjoy a memorable and enjoyable experience so that guests can return. Particularly interesting is the owner's philosophy. He says, "Anyone can cook, consumers can stay home and make less and more money on their meals." 1965. And right, waiters do not deal with the table "You guys." clean, fresh canvas, plates, glasses and silver sparks, flowers are fresh, changing daily, and even busboys are working to remember the names and preferences of customers

How can we make our customers feel the same way?

One of the ways is to treat the client with respect, we are not the best friends, so why do we call the customers informally with their first names?

We recognize that your customers have a valuable time, so finding a simple question, "How can I help today?", Can show you a long way to show your customer how valuable and valuable your business is. customers want to complete their own call or customer, take responsibility and help them inherit a question, need or problem. Fix it.

Thank you for your customers at the end of the transaction or discussion. Introduce the client to appreciate your time and patronage. I never miss myself when I look at a cashier in a store and the cashier says my total is $ 29.96 and then nothing. No, thank you. "No, thank you." I feel as if the store's legs are up for my business, I'm not grateful. I feel unhappy.

Customer service is becoming more and more common today. To be successful in business and customers wanting to return, we need to help them evaluate and support them. Even if a store or transaction is more expensive than your facility as a competitor, customers will return to the store again and again, where they are respected and appreciated.

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