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The best way to get new blood in your business is to have an event. One of those events is to receive the Ladies & # 39; Night.

In our case, our customer profile is 99.9% increase. But as I made interviews with other entrepreneurs in the country, I discovered that some of the people who were typically man-oriented businesses found that women's hosts, Night Out or Ladies Only events were very lucrative.

The idea is:

You want women to feel like they're special. Everyone needs to be special, and if you are a woman's lady, Night Out, you will have the opportunity to reach out to the female clients and treat them differently. They want to handle them well. Give them the chance to ask questions that you might not have asked otherwise.

Especially when it comes to a predominantly male-centered service, say a car storage store or a woodworking shop (not to discriminate against women in these industries) but when we look at our customer base, you will find that in general most of your customers will be men.

Ladies receive Night Out, you will serve a portion of the population if you do not usually reach. DE, I spoke as a woman, I know that I feel good when someone extends the friendship hand and says, "I would like to give you the opportunity to come in and ask what you want." 19659002] So both men-oriented products and and shops that are targeted specifically for women, let's remember we tried the Guy Night Out program and it did not work for us a women's souvenir shop and we also tried to accept a night when men could come in and only men who bought women for their lives … they did not bite, did not expect to have a football / tailor-made party snack, without being a sporty bar, would not fly, only a handful of people were attracted and still very uncomfortable

When we received the Women's Night Association, so many women responded, so they let me know that women really invite something special and if you treat them as if they were special, they will come back. And they will remember that you did this.

So the idea is to handle them well. Refresh recommendations. Remember, because there will be women for you, it would be good to offer something that is not a football game. Get things women like. We talk about chocolate, sweets, maybe some nice custom chicken, a little fruit … what women will feel that someone seems important and making efforts to please them.

One night we had a Mojitos and a mashed potato in the evening. The mashed potatoes are offered whatever you can do them. The mojit was served by an attractive young man (we kept the rum at a minimum) who had many personalities. Women really liked it!

As long as you try to ask women, you will reach a large number. Ladies can run specials outside of the night. You can have a workshop. There is a man I know about who has run a car repair shop and has been hosted on several occasions by the Ladies & Car Care Clinic, where only women and can ask any questions.

By the end of the clinic, the majority of women replied that he was very happy to have asked all the questions to ask him and not to feel stupid, to be foolish, not to be as if threatening. Women are sensitive.

When a woman's "at night time establishes a relationship with the part of the client loop that you probably did not have strong enough before."

Let me tell you, ladies will remember this

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