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What I want to say can seem very obvious – you can say the DUH! but the fact is – many companies forget the good 3R customer service – respects their customers, takes responsibility for your activities and products, and gives your customers full refunds if not correct. I promise that if you follow the 3 simple rules, you will never have to run the same client again!

Honor the customer. Is it as simple as the nose on your face? Bad!

How many times have you been welcomed as polite or even worse – not at all! Never lose the opportunity to make a great first impression – very rarely have a chance to withdraw the damage caused by the first encounter. No ads or even free ads can make up for this faux pas. Keep in mind that you are 10 times getting the client to see your ad to become a reality. A customer has the right to tell 50 people how terrible they are. That's a lot of damage control. Does this mean that 50 people need to see your ad 10 times – that's 500 x 50 x xx – are you still kidding? That's a lot of dough! Would not it be easier to pay attention to, and for the first time, will you be kind?

Customers – your business – they need them – do not need you. They are the most valuable commodities, and it does not matter much for them to be unfaithful – on the other hand, the emergence of trust – no matter how much your product is spent – still do not call Kraft. Why? Because they were rated as buyers. Manage clients as you want them to handle.

7 Unhealthy Behavior Disrespect

o Unclear Greetings

o staff who do not know the mission of the company

o staff who do not know the product

o staff who do not understand the customer the only reason for paying this week

o Management who does not listen to staff about how to "help customer service"

o Employees of the first line Consumer Responsibility

o The Company must assume responsibility for the product – all parts and pieces must be there and the product will do what it says

o When you take responsibility for something, you return your power. If there is something wrong with your service – you know the client instead of blaming others.

o The customer is always right. Do not attack them, do not forget what you bring to the door – and how much does it cost you to be unhappy.

o Make sure your staff is creative and able to make decisions on behalf of your organization to have the power to make the customer happy. This can be as simple as dropping a pen or even better, getting the tax off …

Refund –

o Nothing worse than something does not work and finds it to be

o HA this policy – make sure the buyer knows this before buying.

o Personally, I think the refund better respects the client. There may not be any products you want. To buy something they do not want just because they have the money – they leave a bad taste in their mouths and think twice before they buy it again at the facility.

o Be happy when you take back … The consumer who buys in a shop and can safely know how to guarantee what you sell will be a returning customer. They know you can buy them with confidence – if they make a mistake – they will help improve the recovery of the goods – this is very strong, so people buy big stores – because they know it's wrong to get back.

o The staff must make a bid to help them find something that is better suited. People do not always know what to offer. Scientist staff is the greatest asset and if you are able to meet your products or services to meet the needs of your customers, you have created a customer's life!

These are customer service solutions that affect the bottom line. Do these ideas and you will see a shift begins. The staff will be proud of being better acquainted and able to help. The customer will be happy to know that you are there to serve them cheerfully and timely.

You'll be glad you will not work so hard to put the same client back in the door.

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