Customer Support Guide for Phone etiquette

Effective telephone responsiveness is essential to creating a positive first impression. A single phone call can create a long-term business relationship and can dramatically increase your sales or break it and lead to frustration, anger and customer dissatisfaction.

How do you choose the right way to succeed?

Reply to phone:

1. It is very important to answer the phone before the 4th ringtone. After the first two rings, customers are wondering why they did not answer the call and at Ring 3 this is the absolute chance of winning the potential buyer.

2nd Your phone has more voice than the words we use. This makes up 86% of the communication.

3rd Before you pick up the phone, take a deep breath, smile, stop working, focus the bow for a second, and give the caller's attention.

4th Always welcome the customer's positive and courteous greeting. Keep in mind that "Front Desk, how can I help?" NO greeting.

The perfect greeting is:

"Good morning, thanks for calling the name" Rachel "

The external line must always be answered:

– greeting (this is especially important for customers (19459004) – How can I help you?
– the company / department (it is very important to mention that the customer can not dial an incorrect number)
Greetings can sometimes be skipped in the same time series, but they are always polite as their staff deserves the same respect as the customer.

5. Use the customer's name if you know never to get acquainted with the unfamiliar caller under the first name [19659002] 6. Actively listen to what the client needs to say, which means that everything he needs to do is really listen to what the client says, be patient and helpful, so if not to roam the caller 9002] 7. Choose the right words:

Bad: Thanks / Good
Right: Hello / Good Morning
Bad: Who's calling?
Right: can I ask who is calling?
Bad: No problem / Bet
Better: Surely / I'd be happy
Bad: I do not know …
Right: Let me find out …
Bad: No, we will not do that.
Right: Unfortunately, we do not deal with this request, but I can do it …

8. Get to know your stuff! Do not make selfless guesses. Ask questions and listen to the answers before making any decisions. If necessary, take the supervisor.

Customer Placement on Hold:

Always ask for permission to wait for the client. If the customer places the customer in an unauthorized state, he will probably stop and lose the customer. It has proven that the customer becomes more patient and understandable if the salesperson explains why they are detained and how long it takes. If you know that holding takes more than 5 minutes, note the customer's information and tell them that they will call them back at a certain time.

Transferring Calls:

– Explain why you need to pass the client.
– Enter the department's name and phone number where you want to transfer the customer.
– Dial the number and make sure you have received the call on the other line. Do not pick up the call.
– Notify the new representative why you need to relocate the call, so the client does not have to tell his story twice.
– End of transmission.

Be sure to endorse each end of each call. Keep in mind that every potential customer is the one who pays the bills.

"Thank you for choosing the company name." We appreciate your business! "

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