Definition of Exceptional Customer Service

An unambiguous definition of an exceptional Customer Service is important for every business. When you enjoy Customer Service is exceptional, when is BAD and when is good, but NOT EXCELLENT? Everyone knows that customer satisfaction and customer happiness are important. For many businessmen, however, these maxims are very vague and unambiguously defined. A big or small business that is fuzzy in the Customer Service approach will only have very little chance of achieving success.

If you know what your success is and why it's important, you have a much greater chance of success and provide an exceptional customer service experience! The staff will focus in the right direction and acknowledge and reinforce their efforts to reach exceptional customer service.

Three kinds of customer service experience
The first step to identifying the concept of exceptional customer service is to identify why this is important. Frederick Reicheld, in his book Loyalty Effect, first identified the importance of customer loyalty, saying that this is the only way to achieve true business success. To succeed in business, you have to keep more clients than your opponent. He recognized that the best of the best companies had a higher customer retention than their competitors, knew how they kept their customers, and worked steadily to improve building loyalty.

3rd The perfect experience where the expectations were fully met
3. An extraordinary experience where the expectations were fully met and something special to it.

From a retention point of view, negative experience will send customers to the opposition. This was obvious and not surprising. What was new, however, was that the perfect experience, the expectations were completely fulfilled, would not hold back the buyers. Perfection is a very unforgettable experience. High level of preservation requires perfection and extraordinary customer service, perfection and extra 10%.

The Perfect Customer Service Experience
For the sake of exceptional distinction, we first clarify the PERFECT customer service experience. Perfect fulfillment of expectations. Select the TASK or PRODUCT page from the PEOPLE experience. The job or product side is a perfect experience –

It was a good product
Good quality
Good value for money
Quick and effective
Not negative [19659002] In a store this would be the object the customer wanted, the shop was clean, the item is easy to find and the person can pay fast. On the phone the perfect experience may be that the call is answered promptly, the person has the right contact, the contact has understood and solved the query in a very competent way.

It's a PERFECT experience of working with people
Fast and effective
Professional, courteous and respectful people

It would be a perfect experience in the store polite, attentive, but not intrusive, small pay lines, warm people who have grabbed the right tone. Answering well on the phone, acknowledging the problem, a positive, confident language with the solution offered, with the consent of the caller and warmly closed.

For the ultimate experience, customer server needs a lot of awareness. Too hot in the store, or lack of eye contact creates a negative experience. Aggressive interrogation, improper use of the negative language or caller name will give a negative signal on the phone. Perfection, however, will NOT retain customers. This is EXPECTED and will not be memorable.

An exceptional customer service experience
An exceptional customer service experience with perfection plus 10%. Extra experience must be unexpected and beyond what would be the usual experience. The product or the task page may be: –

– Two for the Pricing
– Relevant Free Bid related to the Product
– Providing Valueful Additional Information to Customer
Extra Miles

personal and suitable experience.

– Reminder for a previous visit and referring to this
– Follow-up of a Call Log
– Register Customer's Preferences and Requirements – and Use it to Predict Requirements

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