Do security guards need martial arts?

Security guards are better than martial arts training

Imagine a job interview and asked you to fight with two other people in the office to prove you're good at work. That's how security guards are used to keep the club safe. The club manager had to know that they would be able to handle and defend the patrons by throwing the drunkards.

I remember correctly because the interviewee looked at me and turned to two locals drinking at the nearby bar and said, "I pay for both 50 dollars if you can tell this guy how to throw it out of the bar. Then she turned to me and said, throw them out.

I was surprised at first, but these two locals were eager to find more money and stand up for battle. It was not my best shot, but I managed to defend myself and pull one out of the door with some force. The manager said I rented it, not because I could have bought two people, but I was willing to go and not be intimidated.

The manager said that it is more important for security guards to be able to challenge the crowded people with authority and trust, not necessarily combat. He said that no matter how good a warrior is, someone is always better than you and even experienced security guards are in trouble when dealing with two or more deaf people. Everyone else says it's an idiot. Do you need martial arts?

I'm always asking if there is a need for martial arts as a security guard. It is better not to know martial arts because techniques are usually based on unjustified forces or can not be used in the environment.

For example, security guards should never run for anyone. The reasons for this are simple

  • It can damage your knee or wrists and infection
  • Punishment rarely monitors or stops and shakes
  • Penalty is often followed by another quick punch when needed
  • Immediately (19659009) People are lurking at time wasting
  • They often end an object hit or something heavier than them and break their fingers
  • Effective rejections

  • the perpetrator will promptly and minimally damage the club and you. To do this, you need to stop and move your movement swiftly towards the exit.

    Self-Defense Techniques

    Most self-defense techniques cause a degree of damage that quickly blocks the perpetrator. Security guards need limiting and controlling techniques that prevent the perpetrator from harming you, but also allows you to move quickly to exit. You do not want to roll around on the ground or expose them to friends who put a bottle or crush on their heads. Try to learn a martial arts style that uses biomechanical methods instead of strikes and kicks. No need to have a security guard ever kick anyone. It only means that they do not have any competence to free patrols of conflict resolution techniques.

    I was working in Sydney on a site when I needed to enforce a protruding defense. He was very drunk, but he was a big guy. As I approached, he began to gather and move with some martial arts moves to let me know I was in trouble. Then he also told me that a black belt was in karate.

    Stupid Movement

    Now I know what style and technique you have, and your height will likely give you a kick strike. As I continued the approach and entered the foot of the strike, he walked around the air to try to hit my head. Kicks are always slower, no matter how good you are, like moving or hand-made techniques. In addition, it leaves only one leg at all its weight. I went in and pressured my hip and caused a quick deposition of her leg that was compressed under pressure. Then he retreated, and the frog pulled away to the other flirting laughter and applause. Trust and Learn a Simple But Effective Retaining Movement Again and again with a partner and better handle yourself than most security guards, some martial arts training. Discovering potential mistakes is still the best way to prevent a fight. Study behavior patterns and body language so you can advise potential problem makers before they become problematic.

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