Edge out the competition: the 7 buttons to service excellence

Customer Service has long been seen as a small organizational operation – minimum wage, office orientation, which does not require expertise. Customer service personnel are often handled by customers and managers. However, in the day and time when the supply of suppliers exceeds the demand for a service or product and competition is high for every consumer dollar, customer service is the only true factor in how the consumer can decide to spend expensive, discretionary or disposable income .

Successful companies do what others have not done in this discipline, what we call a business! Take advantage of the most dynamic opportunity available to the business owner or the decision-maker. They will be the best customer service in the industry. They recognize that customer service is not just for selling clients; but also leads to repeated consumer activity and ultimately leads to lower profitability.

Did you take this critical opportunity because there is no strategic customer focus focus, vision, or mission? Do you use your customer service strategy to increase your competitive advantage? Or is its current strategy, which is the basis for the industry's ultimate failure?

At one time, "good" customer service was a sign of "good" customer service. But in today's fast-paced, high-tech, fast-paced business environment, "good" is no longer good enough. The average customer gives only a chance to disappoint them before they transfer their hard earned income to their nearest competitor. Today's consumer expects to choose a valuable dollar winner. There are many competitors competing there for their money. The goal is to make sure you do not just choose; but consistently return you to build a strong foundation for your business!

The production era of "building a right mouse click, catching a bigger mouse" is no longer the standard with which a business can measure its success in the consumer market. Successful business orders oblige consumers of products or services to be completely satisfied with the purchase, which means they must be satisfied with the emotional satisfaction associated with the purchase, most of which includes the quality of customer service.

that decision-makers understand the psychology of today's consumer. I would like to feel that their patronage is key, and when they spend their dollars on your product or service, they have set up their sophisticated investments hard. The owner of a wise business understands that the consumer's psychological needs are the core of the product or service being consumed by the interaction and impression that the customer derives from the first line of defense – customer service

True Customer Service is not just a response to customer dissatisfaction , as broadly defined. Real customer service is a very proactive, well-developed, organized program that ensures that the product or service is the best that the target consumer expects. Elements of a good customer service program are responsiveness, comfort, quality, competence, satisfaction, honesty and integrity. These are the seven excellence service standards! If these standards are missing from the customer service program, the bottom line will suffer. Therefore, for your success, it is essential that front-line service staff know and understand the quality of service excellence.


The Service Excellence Standard 7 includes: sensitivity, comfort, quality, competence, satisfaction, honesty and integrity. The following summaries determine how these attributes are related to the impact on operational action and customer retention.

Reaction to take into account consumer concerns, concerns and problems quickly. Receives the phone quickly; understanding and empathic; listen, listen and listen to more. Most clients just want someone to listen and understand. Make sure you have policies and people who really take care of your customers' concerns and concerns. After all, without a client, it would not be an entity.

Convenience ensures that the product can be evaluated if the customer wants it. The tremendous success of the corner store is the conviction that consumers pay a little more in order not to force their journey. The more employees you have to access to your product or service, the less you see, and the more likely that a competitor planning to effectively target a marketing strategy will receive key consumer dollars

. consumer expectations for high quality products or services. Although costs play a big part in marketing mix, the average consumer pays a little more for high quality goods. However, do not mistake it – even if the consumer does not pay excessive dollars for a product or service, yet expect a certain level of quality performance.

Competence is knowledge of your business, product or service, and knowing customers. Consumers want to know that if they have questions, then the answers. Make sure anyone who is responding to your business or who welcomes your customer is aware of what he is doing and how he does it. Incapability leads customers to their competitors. The wise racer is ready to receive them.

Consumers buy goods and services for one reason only – Gratification. Satisfaction is the psychological satisfaction that we talked about before. Consumers expect your product or service to improve your life. If the product does not satisfy them, this will be the only time to purchase the product or service. Remember, consumers have a large (very large) memory bank when they are disappointed. Do not write promises to keep and keep those you are doing.

Sincerity is the ability to trust the consumer and believe in your product or service. This means they have to trust and believe. On this day and in the giant race, for almost every imaginable product, I keep telling my clients that the customer does not buy your product or service, in reality they get impressions on them. If they love you, they will be in business with you; if not, they will not. Also, make a commitment to remember the Customer Service Act: Everyone who contacts the customer is a customer service specialist and has an impact on the essence. Make sure the effect is profitable and do not put a stop to profit

Integrity is fair to your customers. The average consumer can make things simpler, but in no way easy. There is nothing wrong with the statement, "I do not know," as long as they follow, "But I know and I'll be right back." Customers prefer honesty because of double speech. Things that run the client toward the nearest competitor, then the perception that they are scam and take them or take advantage of them. Integrity is the name of the game

My clients are constantly reminded of this critical statistic – "The satisfied customer will tell about 4-5 people with his great experiences, our dissatisfied client from 23 to 27". As you evaluate, you need to make sure that you have a lot more satisfied customers who only have a dissatisfaction when planning a long life on the market. Be honest and determined, and your customers are doing business again … which will ultimately lead to success. Be Unfair – and Destroy You

If the customer service team does not have the skills required to prepare the Customer Service Excellence Program, then invest in a customer service training course or participate in a training class. Keep in mind that strong customer service orientation is key to opening the "competitive advantage" door.

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