Enabling Customer Support Representation in Florida – Licenses 4-40

Florida Insurance Customer Service Representative is a person who is working under the supervision and control of a licensed insurance agent (2-20 licensees). The CSR is licensed and the customer service representative is licensed as a 4-40 license.

To be eligible for a 4-40 license, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age. Resident in Florida or in a state with Florida, such as Georgia, and is entitled to a permit by carrying out a state licensing test or a designation course such as a Registered Customer Relationship Appointment at the University of Central Florida / Florida Insurance University [19659002] The RCSR designation exempts or objects to the license applicant's state licensing exam. The assignment course is a distance learning course that includes an open-label multiple-choice test series. After completing the course, the student must submit a license application and fingerprints to the Department of Financial Services and the University of Applied Writing. After a full background check, the applicant is approved and issued the license

The job vacancies of 4-40 customer service representatives include sales positions of local insurance agencies and CSR work within insurance companies' call centers

. The new 4-40 agent's typical salary is somewhere between 10-15 $ / hour. Because the law requires anyone who works in an insurance office that deals with clients with policies, makes money for premium payments, or passes all the information in the insurance transaction to the license, is constantly seeking 4-40 agents.

Job ads are always on the web work tables and companies are willing to hire new 4-40 agents who have no experience. In addition, after having completed a 4-40 license for at least one year, a CSR 40-hour conversion course is available through the Central Florida / Florida Insurance College and is entitled to complete the 2-20 Licensing Examination

For more information on Registered Customer Service Google's "UCF 4-40 License", or contact Dr. Michael Birzon, author of this article.

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