Every day Taco on Tuesday

If you do not live in the Southwest, you may not know the Taco Tuesday, but the Mexican restaurants – the big and the small – traditionally offer tacos every Tuesday, creating more businesses and less family dining. (Think of them as happy Mexican happy hours.) And maybe you do not know the most popular taco, that is, fish taco.

Although many people still think that beef and chopped lettuce are the choice The fish taco is on top of most restaurants, primarily in California and other border states, and traditionally shredded cabbage, roast white fish or grilled mahi mahi, white cheese, maybe some avocado slices and dressed in creamy dress. There are many varieties, of course, that can contain salsa fresca or chile pepper. Of course, there are always designer and gourmet varieties that include lobster, crab, calamari or salmon. The ingredients (and prices) are almost gone, depending on where you live. (Tacos de pescado (fish taco) originally from Baja California, Mexico, where roasted or grilled fish, sliced ​​salad or cabbage, pico de gallo and creamy sauce, on top of each tortilla (flour or maize), historians agree the first tacos in the USA in a crunchy shell were attributable to Taco Bell where they served as a receptive eating crowd and ground beef, salad, chopped tomatoes, coriander and chopped cheese, but in all likelihood for many years served in a handful of Mexican restaurants The hard shell variety is not native to Mexican cuisine, but Americans are hugely entertaining or eating, often with rice and beans together.The tacos concept of fish is not new The Mexican have packed fish and other seafood for centuries in corn tortillas, but probably not pico de gallo or cream they were decorated with dress, they were eaten in a simple sandwich style, and they embraced them. In 2016, Americans consumed over 4.5 billion tacos. It's roughly 490,000 miles of tacos that lead to the moon and back or equal to the weight of the two Empire State Buildings. Somehow just think about the required salsa.

It is not questionable that the tacos king of fish Ralph Rubio, who started as a young college student at San Felipe on the Baja Peninsula on spring breaks, his college friends, beers and local cuisine, is tacos fish. According to legend, young Ralph could not speak to the Marines about returning to San Diego and opening the taco stand, so he decided to do this in the early 80's. California fans went over the tacos, as Ralph's future was assured. And yes, Rubio's every week, Taco is on Tuesday, where his original recipe is $ 2, packed into hungry fans. These days, San Diegans said the fish are taco's official food, but they disagree where they find the best ones. Most popular as a ball dog, you can see thousands of baseball fans in Padre games.

Wall-mounted racks are the cheapest and most luxurious to choose from, but many of them just head to the local Rubio knew they would not be disappointed. Since most Mexican restaurants have a salsa bar, you can choose taco by coriander, several salsa, hot sauce and lots of fresh lime juice. The popular chains La Salsa, Chipotle and Baja Fresh have surely helped the soft taco and many regional stores. up to the fish version. And of course nothing goes wrong with taco like a cold Mexican beer or fresh lime margarita. If you have never tried it, it's the first time you enjoy this delicious import for our southern neighbors. They made simple buffet dinner, light sports snacks or cheap lunch at work. Best of all, you do not have to be on Tuesday.

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