Examples of Good Customer Service – How to Build Your Customers Again and again

The difference between the outstanding business and the so-called business lies in good customer service. The more you handle your customers, the greater your business will grow. But how to pamper your customers to keep them? What are examples of good customer service

To be completely honest, it's easier to look at the situation from the client's point of view. Remove your jacket and tie for a minute and enter the shoe, a simple child for two children. Try an 80-year-old customer's shoe waiting for a little while. Below you can read examples of good customer service and learn from them.

Example of good customer service # 1: extra attention.

Sometimes customers have to pay special attention. Cue for the old lady with a large handbag. This customer is far behind the first and is likely to be slower than regular customers. Maybe it's a little bit audible.

As a person who is responsible for taking part in his / her needs, you have to set the path as you walk and talk. Use gestures if necessary. Walk a little slower, but do not let it be obvious that you make such an effort to match your pace.

Few people are attracting attention to their customers. The first person to do this will make a big difference.

Example of good customer service # 2: keeping in mind your work.

Never forget to thank your customers. It is one of the basic forms of recognition and respect.

Do not forget to say "we're greeted" when we show you the opportunity. Always be polite to your customers, no matter what your mood is.

If not in a good mood, it's better to schedule a new date to avoid the risk of customers getting upset. It is vital to know how to "turn off" a current negative state and move into a positive state when dealing with a customer.

Example of Good Customer Service # 3: Listening Feedback

Customers generally know a lot and usually know about it. Sometimes feedback is good. Other times it is negative. Nevertheless, it has to take into account everything and everything you need to do to work on them all.

For example, Paul may complain that the lock in the bathroom is defective. Bring someone who can solve the problem immediately; so when next time Paul returns, you will see that he has made efforts to improve the opportunities. However, it is even better to make these situations profitable. Paul can offer a 50% discount for the next purchase, or a surprise bonus for "uploading" him.

Customer care is kept away. These are just a few examples of good customer service that every employee needs to emulate. If you're not really sure you're doing it, get to know a friend or a colleague to help you assess the situation.

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