Excellence – Salon Spa's customer service

A wise friend and colleague told me 25 years ago:

"Your client is expecting you much more than yesterday, so it's better to find a way to keep improving and get excited and excited

Because if you do not have someone else … "

To keep the game in mind, you need to be constantly watching new and innovative treatments; techniques; treatment rooms; Products; product launcher, etc. In fact, everything that keeps business and vitality. This is part of ongoing ongoing research and business growth. But to be a true predecessor in the 21st Century Beauty Salon, effective customer service policy is important. This will be the plan the customers are handling the whole team.

Today's scientist salon or spa customer expects to "five star service" visit each time. Only high professional therapists and aesthetic professionals provide the quality of care. And this can only be guaranteed if the systems and policies are in place. In the Salon / Spas Development Customer Service Document you must first know what level of customer service is currently available to you. Is there?

  1. Expected
  2. Waiting over or is
  3. We have the kind of service that makes ads in the salon / spa.
  • If you like the idea Free Rumor Advertising then creating and maintaining "C" type service requires effort and organization. Then you have to ask yourself that all my clients who enter my facility will receive it.
  • Greetings – we are a guest
  • Detailed Care Menu Information – aware of all Salon / Spa Offers
  • Great 'First Impression' – Exquisitely Maintenanceed Rooms
  • Guaranteed Hygiene –
  • Full Consultation /
  • Professional, highly trained therapists – studied on all treatments and products
  • Management / Management Program Recommendation – a treatment provides good results for the program gives lasting results
  • The Magical Moments – Everything Small
  • Education – An Informed Customer Reliable Loyal Client
  • Home Skin Care – Professional Recommendation and Good Retail Product Use Advice
  • Customer-Oriented Retailer [19659907] – 24/7 only delivering and maintaining ongoing results
  • Detailed information nt record files – knowledge is a powerful tool for the therapist
  • Re-enactment – Essential to achieve long- – Salon Spa Profitability and Personnel Retention
  • Call for Reminders – Confirmation of Service Part
  • Regular Contact – Phone, Newsletter, Email, Birthday and Christmas Card
  • Loyalty program – reward them with constant and loyal customers
  • Using these guidelines, we can create an effective customer service policy that meets the needs of an individual salon / spa. I believe that access to the excellence of Salon Spa customer service is the property of every beauty business. And this is achieved through formal written policies and workable procedures and systems. Every beauty business must have a Salon Spa Policies System Handbook through which the entire team is involved and sustainable so they can deliver – Excellent Customer Service for every meeting.

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