Facts about the restaurant industry

One of the most important factors in the restaurant industry is the fact that you have to keep consistent dosage control. The ingredients are purchased in bulk, in number and in volume. Calculates the cost of each recipe component. Expend all of the costs and share this with the cost of dining you want to upload to the menu item. This will be the price for your menu.

In the restaurant industry, all ingredients must be counted. For example, a cheeseburger with tomato, salad and mustard, a wheat basket and a small bag of potato chips will cost a total of $ 2.10. If you want to receive 30% of your food for this item, you will need to allocate $ 2.10 by 30% (.30), which will include a $ 7 menu price.

Try to keep food prices between 22 and 34%. If your meals cost 22%, it means you have to spend 22 cents for each dollar. This leaves 88% of every dollar to cover labor and other costs.

If you want to use the factoring method, you can increase the cost of the components by three components. This only includes the cost of the menu item and does not include any other costs.

When applying the gross margin, the formula is the gain minus the cost of the goods sold and the net revenue. For example, the 33: 1 gross profit margin means that you will have to pay 33 cents for each sale dollar to cover other costs. This is best for calculating high-food foods in the restaurant industry.

The Prime Cost Method involves adding labor costs and food costs, and then adding the percentage profit. This method is good in the restaurant industry for foods that require a lot of preparation.

Competitive pricing is the same as what your other restaurants charge on the same product you are wasting. Compare prices by studying menus, and do not give them much higher or lower prices than others spend.

The restaurant industry looks at combined pricing as a methodology that applies all methods of factoring, gross margin, premium costs and competition. They try to balance the prices of the competition with the cost and what you need.

ChefTec software allows you to customize reports and inventory inventory reporting, make recipes, set up order lists, and share percentages of recipes and menu costs.

PC-Food II – Inventory and marginal management system for all food establishments. You can calculate and keep food costs and keep track of sales prices based on the desired margin. You can create views and reports, export files. You can use the presets already programmed or add your own recipes to the list and create them whenever you want. This and more on this software.

You will find many restaurants on the Internet.

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