Five pillars for effective healthcare care

There are five pillars of effective customer service in the healthcare sector and are as follows:

1. Knock before entering. Do not enter the patient or the living room without knocking. The room has to go with a degree of courtesy and praise. Leave all the negative attitudes on the door. Even if the patient is in a coma, he must have the same respect for their privacy and dignity. Introduce yourself. Say your name clearly and boldly. Do not yell or talk too loudly. Some patients like to call their first name while others like the more formal approach. Make sure you have the right information for the patient before entering your room. They always look warm and friendly; remember that the patient is a person like you and you can make tips if they are not original.

3rd Specify the deadline. Name the duration of your visit. The patient may be a pain or a severe discomfort; setting the deadline will provide an additional dimension to the level of care and level of service. The rooms may be directly adapted to their needs or are directly related to their needs. Whatever it is, let the patient feel emotionally, even if they depend on their needs and comfort.

4th Explain why he is there. Do not give a lecture to the patient. Stay on the object. If you are going to do this, avoid using medical terminology, which can be cautious. Even if your visit is not directly related to your needs, explain why you are there.

5th Thanks for the patient when he leaves. Your visit should be a hallmark to ask your patient if they want to do other things while you are there. If your request is not related to the training, tell them to find the staff involved to help them. There may be cases where patients are not fully aware of their visit for several reasons; we are treated with the same dignity and respect.

Effective customer care in health care is vital. There are different segments in the healthcare sector that may indirectly contact the patient, for example; household, food processors, maintenance and people in the administration. This does not mean that these people can not practice the rules for effective customer care. Everyone working in a healthcare facility or in a patient's environment (home care) should seek effective customer care. Finally, we must strive to be consistent with the approach of better customer service. This is not a one-time experience, it is the goal of a continuous service to satisfy those we serve in the growing healthcare sector.

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