Food, hospitality and the release of mistakes

When working with food, whether you are working in restaurants, restaurants or the food industry, you will surely encounter mistakes. Insects are absorbed into food odors and will always be unpleasant unless they can control them. In the food and hospitality industry, this is something that needs to be thought out and planned because insects in a restaurant or, worse, in food may have a bad impact on their reputation.

Prevention is the best solution with mistakes. Here's how to do it.

There are insect repellents to help you get rid of faults. However, if you are using any type of bug spray, you need to make sure that all foods in the area or in the air are properly sealed. Spraying would be a place to do if the bugs are already there. Try to take action to prevent this.

Make sure the food is tightly sealed. Keep windows and doors closed when not in use. Food odors travel, and as soon as a window is opened in the kitchen, the flies will be invited to open. If there is not enough ventilation, you can add nets to the windows to prevent insects from entering the windows.

Teach the kitchen staff to get acquainted with all the insects that enter the kitchen and instruct them to grab the insects as they see it. Once you have allowed an insect to enter, this can lead to many insects that may be home to the kitchen and cause infection. Stop the bugs before they have the option of the breed.

Get an insecticide unit. This is an electric type catering equipment that can be mounted on a wall. This is a steel structure with specially illuminated horizontal bulbs covered by steel grids. The faults are caused by the light to the unit and when they touch the grid when they are killed. These discrete and powerful units are very effective

The most important thing is to get rid of the mistakes before they have a chance around their kitchen. If you let go, they can breed and become a much bigger problem. Prevent and stop bugs such as flies, cockroaches, ants and butterflies in the restaurant or in the catering kitchen.

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