Food Safety and Quality Manual

The Food Safety and Quality Manual should include the structure of a food safety and quality assurance system for a food production or processing organization. It will also be central to identifying all related processes, policies and forms. The manual

must be made available to all personnel concerned, whether in electronic form or as read-only files or in paper form;

are fully integrated into the HACCP food safety plan and related documentation;

specifies how the organizational structure and related personal responsibilities have been developed to meet food safety and the specific product quality and process criteria;

has an expiration date;

issue number and be formally authorized to sign;

describes how this manual is updated if you need to change the statement in this manual and who is authorized to perform this change and reissue it before you make the changes;

refers to the scope of the food safety and quality management system, ie how much business deals with the manual; and

refers to any quality or safety management system standard that the manual is designed to comply with the BRC Global Standard, ISO 9000, ISO 22000, and any section of the system standard that are not applicable and why they are not applicable.

Training programs must work and be effective in ensuring that all staff understand their role in food safety and quality management and those parts of the manual that apply to working conditions

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